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Complete Tragus Piercing for Migraines and Headaches Guide

The absolute frustration of another migraine hitting and ruining another day, week, month is unbearable. We need every tool we can find to give us the clarity that we need to able to work on the deeper parts of healing a chronic disease like fixing our hormones,...

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5 Secret Dysautonomia Exercises With Migraines and Headaches

There's no doubt about it, something is going very very wrong with our culture. The dysautonomia cases I see are often late stage migraine cases. It is the people who have had migraines for a long time that have only been approached with medications... It is almost a...

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migraine food triggers guide

Get The Food Triggers Guide

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7 Essential skills for how to stop a migraine aura

We can all agree that migraines are no fun. But being able to tell when a migraine is coming gives us the upper hand in being able to prevent what's causing it and stop it in its tracks. In this article, I will be covering what a migraine aura is and 7 essential...

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Migraines, DHEA, Adrenal Fatigue and Exhaustion

How are Migraines, Adrenal Fatigue, DHEA and Exhaustion related? Every day millions of people around the world suffer in silent, unnoticed pain with migraines. At the same time, millions(if not billions) of people around the world are completely drained and in...

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Turmeric Curcumin For Migraines and Headaches

Turmeric has studies showing its effectiveness for: - Ulcerative colitis(1) - Skin health(2) - Lupus(3) - Alzheimer's(4) - Metabolic syndrome(5) - Liver toxicity(6) - Depression(7) - Cardiovascular disease(8) - Low serotonin(9) - Chronic fatigue syndrome(10) - Post...

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#1 Best peppermint essential oil recipe for headaches

Essential oils are one of the most amazing man made creations from regular plants and herbs, especially for headaches. Thousands of migraine headache, cluster headache, tension headache and sinus headache sufferers swear by essential oils ability to give them relief...

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5 Special Tips For an Ice Pick Headache

Nobody wants to feel like an ice pick is being stuck in their head. Unfortunately, about 2% of the population goes through this pain. (1) Luckily they usually only last a few seconds to a few minutes max. I've been there. When I was super high in inflammation and on...

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Tragus and daith ear piercings for migraines with reviews

We want an easy way out of the migraine pain.  I suffered for years trying anything I could get my hands on to get relief.  After going through many health courses and learning what causes migraines and headaches I've been migraine free for 5 years now.  In this...

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The headache that wont go away and what to do about it

Every once in a while you can end up with a headache and think no big deal, I'll just sleep it off... But then you wake up and it's still there. It just keeps growing and getting worse. Building and throbbing until you feel like you are going to break. It's really...

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53 Best Migraine Headache Memes of All Time

There's a lot of amazing (and few offensive) migraine headache memes. I've created some viral migraine memes of my own to give the community support and they've definitely been a hit. In this article i'm going to talk about the 53 best migraine and headache memes of...

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