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5 Profound clues for TMJ migraines and headaches

TMJ is bad enough when it only causes mouth issues. The problem is that our body is highly integrated and certain systems take priority over others, causing dysfunction that just needs the right perspective to look into. In this article I will be covering 5 profound...

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Can Menstrual Migraines With Aura Be Prevented?

One of the most common and regular triggers out there is the first day of a woman's cycle, her period. Luckily these are largely caused by hormones which regulate themselves quite well when supported. In this article I will be answering the question, can menstrual...

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5 Massive tips to stop rebound migraines and headaches

Migraines and headaches are bad enough without rebounds. Once rebounds have started they can be very tricky to deal with as the body is trying to bounce back from the suppressing effect of some medications, luckily there’s a lot we can do. In this article I will be...

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3 Turmeric curcumin recipes for migraines and headaches

Food is one of the most essential pieces of our health program. When we can get food right, our body breathes a sigh of relief. But when we can use super-foods like turmeric the right way, we can get an edge in our healing journey that can support us every day,...

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9 Easy remedies for cervico occipital neuralgia

It's very common to experience tension and different types of muscular pain with migraines and headaches of all kinds. But Cervico occipital neuralgia is another beast altogether. These pulsating, stabbing, shooting or lightning like pains can be anywhere from a mild...

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5 Avoidable sins of idiopathic stabbing headaches

A head pain is not a head pain is not a head pain. They are all very different because the causes are different and our bodies are different. When we can personalize our approach to our situation we can heal the cause and take the load off of the weak areas that fail...

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