I’ve talked to many women who have become migraine free after suffering chronically for years

They fought the statistics and won.

1 in 7 have migraines…

Worldwide 1% has chronic migraines and 1-2% have medication overuse headaches

The average monthly healthcare cost for migraine sufferers is $145

Wouldn’t even one less day of migraine a month be amazing?

The 10 steps program is simple and straightforward.

It takes you through study and experience backed tools you can use to heal yourself and reduce inflammation like no other program.

But the most important piece to understand is why it works.

Migraines are often understood to originate in the brain stem.

This is a very old system

Often called a part of the “reptilian brain” because its origins come from some of the oldest species on earth.

Because of the extremely old nature of the brain stem, it does all the basic functions of our body.

You can think of it like a reptile, its very simple and basic in nature.

It eats, breaths, sleeps and procreates.

And these are what we call “autonomic” functions, which means the body does them by themselves.

All of our digestion,

All of our 35,000 breaths/day,

Our heart rate,

Everything that goes on when we sleep…

And all the changes in our bodies when we procreate are controlled by this reptilian brain.

So the brain stem is absolutely vital for keeping us alive by maintaining our base functions.

And it takes a lot of energy to do this.

Electricity in the form of neuro-hormones.

But we have to be able to maintain the energy,


All day, week, month and year.

And it takes a lot of maintenance for our bodies…

And most of the energy from what we eat is spent on digestion itself.

The system that runs this electricity is called the CNS or central nervous system.

But our bodies are incredibly intelligent and can almost always run this system without problems.

After all it spent 2.5 million years evolving and refining parts of the brain like the brain stem.

But what happens when our genes expect the same experience we’ve been in for 2.5 million years, but our body is put into a completely foreign situation?

For example, what if it doesn’t get the same roots, tubers and wild meats it evolved with as a source of food?

Or what if our brain doesn’t get the chance to go into repair mode until well passed midnight where before it would go to sleep as soon as the sun set?

Things start to get mismatched and our body starts having to compensate.

What’s more is that it even starts thinking you are in danger!

It thinks you must be in a famine, or chased by predators, or in a natural disaster…(Call it fight or flight mode)

But it can usually deal with that for a day or two

or even a week(or even months).

What becomes a problem is when it ALWAYS feels like that.

And our body is very smart.

It starts to conserve.

It begins shutting down all the systems that aren’t ABSOLUTELY essential to its survival right now.

Like our hormonal system, or detoxification system, or immune system…

It will always choose making stress hormones, over sex hormones… So we get problems with our sex hormones (think hormonal migraines)

It will suppress our immune system because it would rather survive the tiger than worry about a cold. (Think pathogenic infection caused migraines)

And it will stop detoxification and instead store toxins because it requires a huge amount of resources…

It knows detox can be delayed without immediate dire consequences. (Think neurological poisoning like aluminum, mercury, lead etc.)

And this is okay for a short while, it’s natural.

But when we live like this and 2.5 million years are thrown out the window…

Our body stays in “fight or flight mode” all the time.

So what happens to our brain? And particularly our brain stem?

It goes into over-drive to cope with the danger but sacrifices our ability to digest and repair from doing so.

And so the CNS(central nervous system) runs and runs and runs…

But eventually there just is not enough energy left to run the system.

And our brain starts getting choked up…

It can’t maintain the steady stream of energy.

It’s like a hose that you turn off and turn back on.

It spits and sputters.

But this causes a cascade in the brain.

It cascades because its urgently trying to restore normal functioning but which causes lots of damage along the way…

Those of us with a weakness in the brain stem and pain processing areas can call this migraine…

This is what we are restoring with the 10 steps program

Above that, it’s guaranteed to reveal a hole in your current migraine program.

We go into more depth about healing these than you’ve ever learned:

– Stress overload
– Sick buildings
– Hormonal yo-yoing
– Gut susceptibility
– Detoxification for brain and body

And without them, we get the classic results.

Migraine hits

-> you try to get relief

-> migraine hits again

-> you can’t find relief and go to the doctor for medication

-> medication works a few times

-> you get a new medication

-> It works a few times

-> You get a new medication

-> Meds stop working

-> You get injections like botox

-> Works for a little

-> Wears off and burns a hole in your pocket

-> Migraines continue to build until surgery becomes a serious thought

It hurts…

But only partly because of the money and time…

The real pain is the constant anxiety that builds up when you DON’T have a migraine

And the relief of the anxiety that comes when it’s triggered that turns into a deep dark hole of sadness and anger because you’re in the same position you were in a year… or 2… or 10 ago…

There’s no stepping-stone-system to health that:

Slowly feeds your body more nutrients

Removes your susceptibilities

Finds triggers

And increases the immune system while decreasing inflammation.

Which is exactly why I created the 10 Steps that take care of all of that and make it doable on your own time in your own home.

1 step is sent to you each week in the form of modules.

With all the information, studies, doctors, opinions, and complete individuality of everyones disease…

It’s unbelievably easy to be thrown off track when we are on our own.

There’s just so many different views which makes it impossible to test everything out yourself.

Spending hours and hours and even days and weeks researching things by yourself while your head is pounding just makes it worse.

You could be spending that time nursing yourself back to health or with your family.

Even an hour, spent aimlessly wandering the deep recesses of internet forums and “expert opinions” can feel like a lifetime when you’re spiked with anger and visual distortions all the while paying for someone else to watch your kids.

But the 10 steps is definitely not for someone who just wants a “magic pill” or “quick fix.”

It is a system, and systems take effort to put into, with each step taking time and taking you a little higher.

And to be honest, it’s hard work…

It takes you into the actual root causes of why your body is so stressed out and inflamed that it can’t help but send you into migraine hell.

Going through this system doesn’t just mask pain like medications but actually improves your health from the inside out, leading to:

– Knowing how to regulate blood sugar for less yo-yo fatigue

– Being clear on what foods to eat and avoid to lower inflammation

– Hormones that regulate better to prevent hormonal migraines

– Less of the brain fog associated with migraines and medications so you can focus on what’s important

– Removing the causes of chronic disease so that the situation doesn’t keep escalating

– A gut that can heal from all the things we throw at it so we are more resilient to food triggers in the future

– A happy liver that can properly detoxify damaging neurotoxins that otherwise go into the brain and cause harm

– And more predictable schedules so that you don’t lose events you never get back because of pain

This is why it’s only meant for those who truly want to get better, put in the effort and have already seen how detrimental simply taking medications can be.

And for those that don’t want to pay over $3000 a year in medications like relpax, frova and zomig.

Even if you are only pushed to take medication once a week that can still run you up to $40+ dollars a month…
And if you have chronic migraines, holding on to a career is much harder than it should be.

But I want to make this resource readily available and I’m completely confident in it that I want to give a 100% money back guarantee so that if you aren’t completely satisfied after you’ve taken and implemented the 10 steps, you will get 100% of the money you spent, back.

And if you are unsatisfied you can have our personal assessment guarantee

This means if you aren’t satisfied with the program you will also receive 50% off of a 1-on-1 personal assessment from Migraine Professional

I know my mom was scared of the idea of a stroke happening because of her migraines(I didn’t even know a stroke was possible) and I love being able to give others relief in knowing they are putting in the steps to healing properly and over the long term so that they don’t have to “stress” about doing everything right.

The 10 Steps Program


I made this simple step by step program because of the massive lack of information so many patients are getting from their doctors about how to eat, move, destress and manage triggers.

This makes it super simple and gives migraine sufferers a way to begin today, so that they aren’t kicking themselves in a year or two that they hadn’t started earlier.

We can often research and find some information on foods to eat and foods not to eat.

We eliminate some foods and wow, our migraines really lessened after that.

So these small changes are all we need to consistently heal and see improvements in frequency, intensity and severity of mind numbing pain, blinding auras and soul sucking fatigue.

This is what Kate had to say about the program.

It really helped fill in some of the gaps in my treatment plan. I’m doing much better. On day 35 of no migraines, not even a headache. Made it through my period without even a headache. It’s so awesome.

I think the only thing that held me back from trying the 10 steps sooner was that I tried so many other things that didn’t help and read about 5 books by doctors that helped a little but not much lol and I was like what could be in there that would help me. But I’m so happy I did. Other than that there wasn’t really anything else stopping me.

I liked that it was all in emails and that it was spaced out to give you time to do each step because before when I was all stressed out I would have read all 10 steps if I could have and tried to do all of them at once lol.

It helped me realize how stressed I was and it was pretty much affecting every aspect of my life and my health. So that was the biggest benefit I got from it. I used to kind of let all the stress pile up all day then meditate for 5 min at the end of the day and think it was taken care of. Not as soon as I start to feel tense I stop what I’m doing and breathe until I feel better. So I’m not carrying it around all day.

I would definitely recommend it to people with migraine. I thin it saved me from being on meds for the rest of my life. I thought I’d have migraines forever. It’s awesome. ????
Thank you, your page and your 10 steps have seriously changed my life. I can’t thank you enough.

What’s covered in the 10 steps?

  • Developing 3 of the most important pieces of your healing journey that you need to be crystal clear on to be successful
  • Understanding and using your own subconscious influences so that you know more about yourself and how you function with stress
  • Designing your brain and life within the two forces that can either keep you on track or make you burn out or stagnate in your journey
  • Breaking down triggers levels, threshold and stress load into 3 options to understand what is going on
  • Learn the 4 doctors you will not be healthy without
  • 6 principles that will give your brain a cool off and body the ability to repair
  • Mind/body systems and how your mental and emotional stress combines with your physical body.
  • Integration of the 10 steps and learning how to respond to your body’s signs
  • Learning your migraine pattern and how to break it


Looking for personalized guidance that can help you identify the key factors to your brain pain?

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