5 Factors That Make Or Break Your Migraines

The 5 Factors That Make Or Break A Migraine Guide

In this guide you will learn:

– The 5 factors that may trigger you or protect you against trigger

– What they are and how to understand them so that you can do something about it

– What to do to make sure they are supporting you and not pushing you over your threshold

The 5 Factors That Make Or Break A Migraine Form

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The FREE 5 Most Common Mistakes Of Hormonal Migraines E-Guide teaches you:

– Why hormones are the most important focus around why your migraines and headaches keep triggering

– How PMS is common but NOT normal and why it needs to be addressed to be pain free in the long term

– The 5 most common mistakes why hormones stay broken, why so many women become migraine free with pregnancy and why birth control is not a solution