53 Best Migraine Headache Memes of All Time

There’s a lot of amazing (and few offensive) migraine headache memes.

I’ve created some viral migraine memes of my own to give the community support and they’ve definitely been a hit.

In this article i’m going to talk about the 53 best migraine and headache memes of all time on the web.

1. Life can get the best of us when we are constantly rushing through it. It’s important to remember to stop every once in a while and reflect.

2. When the pain gets so serious you start having to joke.

3. Some migraineurs describe their children as the human versions of headaches.

4. Migraines and headaches are risky games to play, sometimes it can feel like russian roulette with everything we do.

5. Finally coming out of a migraine after being stuck in the hole is one of the greatest feelings ever.

6. When the pain becomes so great that even getting the medication is unbearable.

7. Even the smallest light, when i’m in the dark trying to sleep becomes unbearable. Switch the breakers off in your room to keep EMFs low while you sleep.

8. A migraine free day is a blessing, just don’t do so much during them that you end up giving yourself three more with a migraine.

9. After a certain point, we can start trying anything to relieve the pain. Try the 10 steps program before you give up.

10. There’s so many medications that are just hit or miss it can take years to find one that works.

11. When the nausea pills aren’t working, try ginger instead and make sure you use enough of it.

12. One of the very first migraine memes ever created describing different sensations around types of headaches. It’s clearly not this simple.

13. Continuously triggering the migraine mechanism can make us feel incredibly terrible. It’s a vicious cycle.

14. Migraines suck.

15. Migraines can be far worse than headaches.

16. That feeling when a migraine jumps out at you out of nowhere for no apparent reason.

17. Fluorescent lights are bad news, not just during a migraine but anytime because of the high electromagnetic fields they give off that makes our bodies susceptible.

18. Even though the majority of people mean well, it can often make us feel even worse… As if we haven’t thought of medication as step #1.

19. That time of year can be a huge deterrent from us wanting to do anything, at all, ever.

20. Definitely not a shocker.

21. When the caffeine in medication keeps you from the sleep you need so you can get over the migraine you took the medication for…

22. The average doctor isn’t specifically educated about all the ins and outs of migraines and living with them. See our post on 9 Shocking Things Your Doctor Doesn’t Tell You About Migraines.

23. When you have the migraine of all migraines and your head feels like its about to explode.

24. It’s all too often we develop a headache and our heart starts to race enough for us to actually feel the beating inside our heads that makes the pain throb.

25. When the migraine wins, what do you do? These two are classics.

26. One of the most common symptoms that show up with severe migraines is vertigo. Vertigo is no joke.

27. When even sleep won’t fix the headache and its status migrainosus, get help ASAP.

28. Having to endure pain can makes us want to do all kinds of incredibly creative things.

29. The photosensitivity is real. Protect your senses. Remember that studies have shown sensitivities to environmental factors like light actually reduce when the right foods are eaten. Find out more in our food triggers guide here.

30. Sometimes the pressure feels like this barbie with a clamp on her head. What does yours feel like?

31. The symptoms that can come as a result of the migraine aura are so bizarre.

32. Double check with your doctor to make sure it’s not just a migraine. Get a second opinion and MRI to confirm.

33. A tell tale sign of a migraine coming on is the aura or prodrome. Many times it can be cravings, fatigue, excitement or any number of weird others like abdominal pain, eye pain, smells, visual zig zags etc.

34. One of my absolute worst triggers was perfumes. They would send me into a spiral of pain.

35. If migraines are becoming chronic we can start to feel like staying in is much better than going out.

36. Gollum lives in the dark and is as photosensitive as a triggered migraineur.

37. After getting acquainted with our new enemy migraine, it can often start to feel like they have more control over us than we do.

38. Ryan gosling is here to give us some support and help us get over the headache we are experiencing right now because it won’t last forever.

39.Provided the hangover isn’t bad, the end of a migraine spells freedom for over a billion people around the world.

40. Migraines are one of the most energy demanding experiences we can go through. Be sure to stay hydrated, keep your blood sugar even and provide enough nutrients to combat the stress.

 41. Many of the weird and various symptoms that can accompany a migraine. Many of them a product of rampant inflammation running through our bodies.

From here on out these are memes are from me and created based on what I’ve seen going on in the community.

42. The sun can really hurt.

43. The levels of going through healing pain.

44. Always choose searching for the root cause when you can.

45. How to approach symptoms and where to look for the root cause.

46. This was an absolute disaster in the migraine community. Making a pose out of migraines upset so many people. So I made a meme to convey how insensitive it was. The community loved it. Join us on Facebook andInstagram.

47. Migraine and severe headache sufferers know. As soon as any symptoms start showing up, use your rescues. The sooner the better.

48. The irony with medication side effects is real.

49. There are so many supplements, treatments, modalities and therapies to try. Don’t put yourself into a box. If you’re looking for a different perspective then get a a free 20 minute migraine strategy call here.

50. Water is usually not enough, make sure the water that you do drink has good minerals in it as minerals have been shown to help headaches.

51. There’s something great about finally finding a reliable and consistent method to help with the pain.

52. All too often I hear patients complain about how their doctor doesn’t listen and only wants to try medications, botox or surgery on them. Don’t be forced into a serious procedure like surgery unless you have received at least a dozen different opinions from practitioners in different areas of health.

53. This is for all of the amazing migraine sufferers who are sick of the pain and on the path to health. Every day I hear more stories about how the drugs don’t help them and it was the little things like the ones below that made all the difference and gave them freedom. If you want to get started on this journey with us, join our private support group here.


If you have any other headache or migraine memes you’d like to be featured, let me know in the comments below.

What do you think about the memes? Let me know in the comments and make sure to share.

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