A Vegan Diet For Migraines and Headaches

A Vegan Diet For Migraines and Headaches

Since the beginning of civilization the foods we eat have played a role in our headaches and migraines. Recently, some studies have found incredibly powerful dietary modifications for alleviating the chronic pain and inflammation inside our brains with 50% to upwards of 100% of individuals seeing benefits. One of the most common and biggest buzz

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Migraine - Healthlines New app

A Migraine App Based Around Community

I am super excited to announce the partnership between Migraine Professional and Healthlines new Migraine – Healthline App which serves as a way of bringing the community together with high quality information for understanding what migraines are really about.   This app is a great way for us to bring the community closer because we

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Gardening And Mindfulness For Migraine: Is It Worth A Try?

Have you ever experienced vision changes like flashes of light and blind spots right before an intense headache? Wait, that’s more than just a headache. That’s probably a migraine. Migraines cause severe throbbing pain, usually at the side of the head and symptoms may include nausea and vomiting, numbness or tingling, and sensitivity to light

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IUD For Migraine Sufferers

The Best IUD For Migraine Sufferers

I love dealing with clients who have hormonal issues like hormonal headaches and migraines because they are one of the straightforward types to correct. At the end of the day we need to think of hormones as just messengers because that is what they are. If our body is having a problem sending the message

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Ear stapling for migraines

Ear Stapling for Migraines, Does it Work?

There are so many directly effective and clinically studied techniques, therapies, nutraceuticals and diets we can use to relieve our pains and heal our brains. But some like ear stapling are far more on the fringe side, often sought out by those who have gone the medication route and not found relief. In this article

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MAV Migraines

9 Red Flags Your Dizziness Could Be MAV Migraines

You wake up and feel like you’re on a boat in the middle of the ocean… You can’t seem to make it stop no matter what you do and would give anything to be back on land and have some stability. This is an incredibly common occurrence and our clients can experience it for years

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How to sleep when you suffer from migraines

How to Sleep When You Suffer From Migraines

Quality sleep is important to your physical and mental health, but getting any kind of sleep can be difficult when you’re in pain. That’s especially true when you’re struggling with migraines. Most adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep a night to function optimally. Getting anything below that can significantly impact your mood

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