Chronic Migraine Prevention Tip #50 Einstein’s Method To Migraines

First of all I want to stop and say thank you to everyone who’s been following along, contributing and trying out the tips.

I know they haven’t always been easy but we don’t always get what we want, but we might just get what we need.

I think it’s just important to be honest with ourselves and keep putting one step in front of the other in the right direction.

So thank you to everyone and I’d like to talk about how Einstein would go about solving migraines and it starts with a famous quote by him.

I think this is one of the most important approaches we can take in our healing, and even in anything we want to do or achieve in our lives.

We have to realize that what got us to where we find ourselves today was created with the level of consciousness and conscious awareness that we currently have.

In order to move past where we are, whether it be the auras, the pains, the foods, the addictions, the lifestyle or whatever.

We need to be able to step outside of ourselves, out of our small mind and into our big mind as oprah would say.

We need to step above our situation and our circumstances and realize that our problems are solvable.

That we can have what we want and be pain free like we want, but we have to grow our conscious awareness of our situation.

We have to be able to learn a wider range of solutions and new concepts so that we can solve our old problems.

And it usually begins by reaching out.

I believe everyone in the world knows something I don’t and it’s always a pleasure in asking others for their opinions, ideas and support.

So next time your pain splits you in half and makes your awareness of yourself very very real…

Ask yourself, how can I connect to my pain and approach my problem from a higher consciousness than the one that created it?

Because experience has proven that the answers to migraines are out there, many practitioners have solved migraines for many many people and it’s just about finding the one you can connect with long enough to make the changes necessary.

So thank you to everyone and I hope you applied these tips and found the great relief they can bring.

Chronic Migraine Prevention Tip #52 Circadian Rhythms

Our rhythms control our cycles!!!

We are made of rhythms!!!

Everything in our body has a rhythm it goes by.

From our heart rate, breath rate, rate of peristalsis(intestinal contractions), even things like our brain run on a frequency, our cells and nervous system work in waves etc.

One of the most important rhythms we have, that govern how the others function is our circadian rhythm.

Our circadian rhythm is our body’s natural 24 hour cycle that governs our sleep/wake hormones.

This cycle, just like our genes, has not changed much over the last 10,000 years from when we came out of the jungles and onto the plains of africa.

A very large part of our circadian rhythms is controlled by light entering through our eyes.

When the sun rises this light stimulates our bodies to produce cortisol which is a hormone that gives us energy and creates focus in moderate doses.

In excessive doses it can cause lots of damage to our bodies and inflammatory issues.

This is what happens when we are super stressed, our body thinks we are dying and need energy so it continues to secrete cortisol.

But that’s another story.

When we deal with circadian rhythms we realize that our body functions on a clock and at different times on that clock we go through different systems.

When the sun is setting, the amount of light goes down and cortisol with it.

This in turn causes melatonin which is our sleep hormone to start rising and preparing us to have a restful sleep.

If there are circumstances like lots of light in our rooms, excess stimulation, caffeine etc then we will prolong our cortisol and suppress melatonin.

This becomes crucial when we find that our physical repair is mostly done between the hours of 10pm-2am at night and if we miss those, we don’t get proper repair.

So doing things like making sure you wind down, keeping work stress out of your bedroom, killing blue light emitting devices like cell phones and not doing coffee after noon are big steps in regulating your cycles.

Making sure we can get adequate amounts of sunlight into our eyes in the morning is huge and tunes our hormones and bodies to function right.

Stress and sleep are some of the biggest factors in migraine creation and when we are over stressing we are under sleeping.

When we can’t repair we push our bodies limits and lower the threshold at which we will trigger a migraine.

But when we can get good quality wholesome sleep, our hormones are ready, our minds are primed and we can take on all that is required to put our dreams into action and make them reality.

How many hours of sleep do you need before you naturally wake up?

Chronic Migraine Prevention Tip #53 Pain Protects

 This was one of the hardest pieces of health for me to wrap my head around…

I just couldn’t admit that the pain I was experiencing was something I was doing wrong.

It really wasn’t clear to me, why would my body put me in pain on PURPOSE???

But then after some experimenting and talking with health professionals I found out the truth.

That pain is a way our body protects itself.

Just like when we put our hand on a hot stop and the pain triggers our reflexes to MOVE.

Our brain has many amazing defense mechanisms it uses to protect us and some of the biggest ones include, fatigue, depression and pain.

And it really becomes amazing when we can accept the fact that our body is trying to talk to us, trying to signal to us and trying to lead us toward a healthier way.

But this doesn’t help our migraines until we can learn to listen and react accordingly.

It does take a bit of education and practise because we’ve spent the majority of our lives distracted by modern life and have lost touch with ourselves.

Migraineurs can get pains from a number of areas like:

– Sensitive foods

– Empty foods

– Food additives

– Poor environmental cleanliness

– Trauma

– Emotional stress without coping mechanisms

– Buried emotions

– Burning the wick at both ends

– Poor muscular and skeletal movement

– Gut infections

And so much more.

Do you want to know what the wrong thing to do is? Even though sometimes we are so deep that we have to?

Numb the pain. Get rid of it. Wage war on your pain.

Because war doesn’t solve problems, it creates them and perpetuates them.

If the fire alarm went off in your building went off, you wouldn’t just ignore it.

So when the emergency signal goes off in your body with pain, don’t ignore it or silence it.

This is why at the end of the day it’s crucial to begin to listen.

When you hear something or see something that triggers negative emotions in you, ask yourself where it’s coming from.

When you eat a meal and feel tired or cloudy after, try it again and remove the piece of the meal you think might be causing it.

Test and try and try again.

It’s a journey and there’s a simple process to get to the end of it.

Create health and balance.

Disease can’t exist in a healthy body so be like health is.

If you want to get healthy now then click the link below and let’s talk about what you need to do to get relief.

Click here let’s talk

Chronic Migraine Prevention Tip #54 Electrohygiene

We know that ionizing radiation like microwaves can cause damage and cancer but did you know that non ionizing radiation like the ones given off by cellphones and wifi routers have been linked to cancer as well?

Technology has made our lives much easier but new studies are starting to show that radiation that was once thought to be harmless has actually been affecting us deeply.

But it makes sense.

We are made of all kinds of different frequencies, we are completely electric and actually have an electrical charge on us.

Every organ in the body has a different frequency and they can change throughout the day, based on our mood, and if we are healthy or not.

I find this simply amazing because  many diseases can actually be tracked by the different electric frequencies in our bodies.

But that’s a different story.

So what is Electro-hygiene?

Electro-hygiene is a new term that’s come with the advent of all this technology full of batteries and frequencies and radiation.

When we have good electro-hygiene we maintain healthy habits with our technology and set them up in places that minimize risk and damage to our health.

Sources of electromagnetic radiation include:

– Cellphones

– Televisions (especially smart TVs)

– Wifi Routers

– Electrical Sockets

– Fluorescent Lights

– Batteries

– Electronic devices

So how do we stay Electro-hygienic? 

The biggest thing is to keep your cell phone away from your head and body, especially any organs like the reproductive ones.

Our glands are exceptionally sensitive to stimuli and can be adversely affected by these types of radiation.

Keeping wifi routers and cell phones out of the bedroom is huge.

Bad sleep = easy triggers

Some people are extremely sensitive…

They are the canaries in the coal mine and will not be able to sleep properly with electronic devices in the room.

Even things like electrical sockets can prevent us from sleeping right.

We all know from my previous post on blue light that the light spectrum radiation given off by televisions, computer screens, cellphone screens and fluorescent light affect our circadian rhythm and mess with our hormones like cortisol and melatonin.

This affects our bodies ability to digest food, detox, create hormones, reduce inflammation etc and they all stress our migraines.

There are devices available that you can put on your electronic devices you carry with you to help with the radiation but for many of them, unless they are a lead box, you can’t keep the frequencies in.

There are actually canopy shielding devices that you hang over your bed that act as a faraday cage which basically means they block out all electromagnetic frequencies from entering into your bed space.

In the world of migraines we find many of us are sensitives.

We are acutely aware of changes in our environment and bodies and because of this it’s extremely important to reduce exposure to these electromagnetic stressors.

Not only does this add to our stress bucket but it can also prevent us from adding to our health bucket.

So then the question comes down to…

How aware are you of your Electro-hygiene?

The Stress Theory Behind Migraine And How To Use It For Relief Now

Even the thought of getting “triggered” is enough to make some migraineurs vomit.

And migraines can be quite complex in some situations. 

But not the actual “migraines”, if they are real migraines.

Usually it is the causes of the migraines that are the complex pieces that need a little work to get to the bottom of.

But just like most other diseases, our bodies build up to a point at which they can no longer maintain health, and then they break in their weakest links, which for many migraineurs is migraines.

The overwhelming emotions that come from being triggered and knowing we are out for the count, taken from family and waiting for the pain to take us into a deep dark hole is enough motive to make us use anything we can to avoid another event and the dreaded “trigger”.

So what is this “trigger”?

Its most easily described by a theory that is  called different things from hot air balloon theory to bathtub theory and even threshold theory.

These theories are the same but fall under different names and use different metaphors to explain how a trigger happens and how to avoid them.

They are all a type of threshold trigger theory, in which your body builds stress and tension in various forms and then comes to a point where it “breaks”, or “crosses the threshold” or “triggers”.

Hot Air Balloon Theory

Hot air balloon theory describes a situation in which you are flying a hot air balloon.

This balloon has a height at which it is safe flying at, lets say over 50 metres and below 500 metres.

When it goes below 50 metres it can run into danger with structures or birds or trees etc.

When it goes over 500 metres it can run into danger because of high winds and losing control.

Between 50-500 metres of height or altitude is known as the safe flying zone.

This safe flying zone is similarly applicable to our lives and migraines.

When we are maintaining our foundation principles, breathing properly, drinking enough water to clean ourselves out, getting enough rest to recover and repair, and thinking, feeling and acting in tune with the dream we want to achieve then we stay in the safe flying zone very easily.

But when we have a couple coffees, some alcohol, chinese food and sugary treats…

When we miss out on even 1 hour of sleep for a week we get a sleep deficit of 7 hours which can be an entire night’s sleep…

When we are stuck in a stress response and our breathing stays tight all day or for days…

When we are taken off of our dreams, goals and the loves that give us purpose and keep our thoughts, feelings and action in tune…

When we workout too much and create muscular tension that affects our shoulders neck and head…

These all cause us to gain more and more height, getting us closer and closer to the danger zone.

Then it’s just one or two little things…

Usually the straw that breaks the camel’s back, like forgetting to drink water all day or getting into an argument can send us into the high winds of the danger zone and becoming triggered.

Bathtub Theory

Bathtub Theory uses a bathtub to illustrate how this happens.

A little water from issues with detoxifying…

A little water from a dusty/moldy environment…

A little water from the fluorescent lights you sit under all day…

A little water from the coffee you had before bed preventing your body from turning off cortisol…

A little water from a wheat sensitivity…

And just a little bit more water from a fragrance that’s just too strong and BAM…

The bathtub overflows and you’re triggered.

Threshold Theory

This theory is simple and just says that “stress” which is a term used to describe all stimuli to the body that cause it to use resources and energy without returning any to it.

This stress can come from many areas and takes us out of balance and out of what our body can maintain with its available resources.

 This stress, when not properly taken care of, over time accumulates just like a dripping tap does into a cup.

The body is amazing and it can tolerate a lot of abuse, but once it is pushed passed a certain point, what we call the “threshold” then it can no longer maintain normal functioning and you get triggered.

How to Add More Spoons

Another theory I would like to use to illustrate how you can improve, relieve and both lower how high your balloon or water is and increase the height of your bathtub and safe flying zone.

“The spoon theory is a disability metaphor used to explain the reduced amount of energy available for activities of daily living and productive tasks that may result from disability or chronic illness.”

 So how do we add more spoons, and even get so many spoons, that chronic disease goes away?

 It begins with the Foundation Principles to Migraine Health.

 The most powerful healing and health maintenance is found in first and foremost making sure you think, breathe, drink, eat, sleep and move properly and in tune with nature and your body.

 Without doing these right, the bodies ability to de-stress, detox and cope with daily life is greatly diminished.

 So what is the most important part of the foundation principles to migraine health?

 Thinking right.

 Thinking that is connected to and in tune with what you want to achieve and do with your life.

 Even if you don’t exactly know, it’s what you want to have and do and how you want it to feel.

 When you can think, feel and act toward these dreams, health will fall into place.

 So I’d like to ask you to take a moment and ask yourself, have you ever written down how you want your life to end up in one, five or even 10 years?

 What about 20 or 50 years?

 Who do you want to surround yourself with?

 What do you want to surround yourself with?

 What feelings, sites, smells and touches do you want to wake up to?

 How would you spend your day if you could choose however you wanted to spend it?

 A Harvard Business study revealed remarkable statistics relating to goal setting and success.

 The study found that the 14% who have goals are 10 times more successful than those without goals.

 The 3% with written goals are 3 times more successful than the 14% with unwritten goals.

 Getting these questions clear and and writing them down is an essential step in making sure you have the energy, motivation, clarity of thought and most of all pain free days to be able to do what you want and not just what you need.

 How often do you write your goals down?

Does Labelling You Actually Help You?


Finding a cause to why you’re experiencing the symptoms you do does…

But giving you a label just compartmentalizes you into a group of people that experience similar symptoms.

It usually doesn’t do anything for why we are sick.

Modern day disease has so many different facets and as all migraineurs know…

Migraines can come from such a large number of different causes that the standard labelling system for our disease does little to actually help us.

Sure it will get us closer to the right drug,

But is that actually fixing the cause or just allowing you to be okay with what is essentially poisoning you and shaving years off your life?

I believe in empowering the person, knowing the cause and not suppressing symptoms.

And this works every single time.

Because at the end of the day we are highly integrated creatures and no part of us works in isolation of the others.

So when you can strengthen your mental stamina, improve your emotional outlook, detoxify and balance the body, know what’s pushing you over the migraine edge and not just hide your problems, then you can begin to actually heal yourself permanently.

Not just stop the pain that’s popping up today, but bring resolution to the pain that has been building up for years below the surface,

That migraines are just starting to show you now.

Here’s a simple example that will take us away from the migraine topic for some objectivity.

When I was little I would regularly get strep throat.

It would get bad, I would go to the doctor and get a round of antibiotics.

This would usually make it go away (not without side effects and lord knows what kind of damage to my gut bacteria) but within a few months I would get it again.

This happened year after year after year…

Sure I knew it was strep throat because of the diagnosis and being labelled as having strep…

But it did nothing to permanently resolve my illness…

As far as I know it could have just caused it to go dormant for a little while before taking another opportunity when my body was weak.

But not once did the doctor ask me what I ate, what I did or how I felt…

Because almost immediately he would’ve realized that the diet I ate was almost completely filled with S.A.D. C.R.A.P.

This stands for Standard American Diet full of Carbohydrates Refined Artificial and Processed


Standard American Diet full of Carbohydrates Refined Additives and Preservatives

And these foods were absolutely killing not only my growth as a young one, my mental and physical development but also my hormones and immune system.

But when you go to someone who specializes in giving steroids, antibiotics and painkillers…

That’s exactly what they will do.

They will give you steroids, antibiotics and painkillers.

If you want to be healthy, if you want to be free of pain and disease then it is much more important to first take care of the Foundation Principles to Migraine Health.

Make sure you are thinking in tune with your dreams, feeling and actions

Make sure you are breathing at a healthy steady rate that allows for your body to rest and digest as well as pump.

Make sure you are drinking plenty of clean pure water throughout the day

Make sure you are eating a meal balanced for your type

Make sure you have adequate high quality restful and repairing sleep

Make sure you move not only your body, but your thoughts into action too, every day.

These are broad generalizations of the principles found in the link above but are absolutely essential to any healing and long term health care.

It can be scary when we get labelled, we might actually start to think there is something wrong with us…

But there isn’t.

We are perfect beautiful creations and just need to pay attention to our thoughts, feelings, actions and connect them with our intuition because all health AND disease is found in these simple but understated principles.

Even though we can sometimes find a drug that will stop our migraine, it doesn’t stop the disease process that is creating it and in many cases rebound headaches become the harbinger of death.

This is why I help migraineurs like myself get on the fast track to knowing the cause and fixing the root of it, because we all deserve to be pain free.

If you’re sick of labels and would like to get started making changes then send me an message here or schedule a free 20 minute migraine strategy session here.

Epigenetics And Migraines: How an archaic view of health, that we are controlled by genes, misunderstands how biology works

“Your perspective is always limited by how much you know. Expand your knowledge and you will transform your mind.”
― Bruce H. Lipton PHD

So, what are epigenetics, and how is our view outdated?

It Starts With Shifting Perspective…

Genetics are a long complex code that says how to make the proteins that make all the tissues that create our body.

They are simply a sequence that the reading mechanisms of our cells use to create the right proteins the body needs to function.

But the process of reading, interpreting and building from the code is lead by epigenetics.

They are the ones who decide which codes are used and which aren’t…

Epigenetics do not actually change the genetic sequences but they control what genes are turned on and off or “expressed”.

And this doesn’t just happen in utero, it happens throughout our lives, from going through trauma, to finding peace and happiness in our lives, we are always enabling or disabling gene expression.

And as an added bonus, the genetic expressions our grandparents changed in their lives, influence our lives, and the ones we change in ours influence our children’s epigenetic expression.

For example,

Studies have found that the children of people who lived through extremely traumatic events like the gas chambers of auschwitz , the assimilative schools of north america, the genocide of africa or even just alcoholism and depression in families were more apt to have higher stress responses.

This is very different from our old model where genetics were simply read and used in a seemingly random order.

Of which, your actions never made a difference to what hand of cards your children might be given, and once given, would never change.

Epigenetics are the conscious and subconscious minds ancestral memory

Epigenetic changes can be passed down for generations and studies on rats have found that,

“In the pups of inattentive mothers, they found that genes regulating the production of glucocorticoid receptors, which regulate sensitivity to stress hormones, were highly methylated; in the pups of conscientious moms, the genes for the glucocorticoid receptors were rarely methylated.”

This methylation process “gums up the works” and created an environment where the stress response doesn’t work like it should and instead creates “nervous wrecks”.

Instead, the conscientious attentive mothers children were much calmer and less reactive to stress.

For migraineurs, this not only creates a safer environment but also raises our threshold and how much tolerance we have to stress before we become triggered.

Is it Nature + Nurture?

No longer is the battle going to be nature + nurture as two separate entities in our battle to be free of pain.

As science advances we are starting to find the grey area to get bigger and bigger and epigenetics actually taking over.

It isn’t nature because we can make changes every day in how we think, feel, act and the patterns we create to alter our genetic expression.

And it isn’t nurture because our parents, grandparents and ancestors all played a part in the code we get and how it’s read but we end up making the choices to heal those wounds or perpetuate them.

It comes down to the decisions, environments and feelings we choose to experience right now.

We call this the exposome.

“The exposome can be defined as the measure of all the exposures of an individual in a lifetime and how those exposures relate to health. An individual’s exposure begins before birth and includes insults from environmental and occupational sources.”

So how does this influence our migraines?

Well first off our migraines are not as genetically predestined and locked as previously thought.

As we are seeing with the root cause, functional, integrative and holistic medical healthcare revolution there are many many migraines that simply are not a genetic coffin.

Because we have the ability to change much of our nature, nurture and exposome we need not feel like migraines are forever.

We play a part…

We simply can’t look at ourselves as victims in this game of life if we are to make the changes we need to overcome not only our epigenetic predispositions, but also our children’s.

And homeopathy has known this for a long time, long before the science of epigenetics.

When homeopathic medicines are given properly according to strong principles and the miasmatic layers of the disease are peeled back, future generations are also freed from following the same disease path.

Just like we play a part in eating the foods that trigger our migraines, we play a part in the emotions and environments we put ourselves in that contribute to the stress and sickness that causes them to come back again and again.

When we become conscious of this we are able to respond and not simply react to life’s stimuli…

Now to make the changes for us and our families.

When we want to go about changing our health we have to know what we are changing first.

This is #1.

Our health begins with our thoughts, beliefs and attitudes and how they play out every day in the things we do, the job we work, the foods we eat and the stresses we put ourselves under.

If we are going to change we need to know what we want, how we want to feel, what we want to think, what kind of attitude we want to have and how we react to our stresses.

It all begins with having the north star that guides us through our conscious efforts of what we do but also through our subconscious efforts of how we think, believe and feel.

We have to be honest with ourselves if we are not healthy, and what we are doing that is putting us in that situation.

How do we maintain the balance of forces in our lives?

#2 is making sure we know of, are aware of and can respond to the two forces that balance our lives.

In the simplest description this is yin/yang

Yin is the female energy of cooling, moistening, regenerating, energy building, anabolic, night, working in, desire and silence.

Yang is the masculine energy of heating, drying, breaking down, energy expending, catabolic, day, working out, pursuing and language.

It is between these two forces that all life has been created and all life balanced between.

When we get too much of one or the other in our lives we become ill.

But this also means we can use the opposite of the one we are overdoing(or under doing) to heal ourselves and create the balance in our bodies to recover.

When we can effectively know what our north star is, and use the two forces to balance us out and keep us on the road, we can get there faster, smoother and healthier.

But not without making the 3 choices.

Our decision making needs to be conscious of the 3 choices we get to create the environment we want

#3 is the ability to discern between optimal, suboptimal and neutral decisions in our lives.

Optimal is the best long term decision for all parties involved that gets us closer to our dream and balances our forces.

Suboptimal usually still gets us closer to our dream but may do it by bringing more awareness into our lives in the form of learning from mistakes.

Suboptimal decisions are usually not the best for all parties involved and can be short term solutions for long term pain.

Neutral decisions are seen as the worst because no learning happens and you do nothing.

It is basically apathy and provides no place for you to move to and learn from in life.

We need to be honest with ourselves and empathetic of the ones around us to know how to make optimal decisions and get everyone on our dream team closer to the dream goals while balancing the 2 forces.

When we can follow our dream, balance the forces that keep us on the straightest road there and make the optimal choices that support everyone around us then our ability to heal from the pain and darkness of migraines is greatly accelerated.

But not without regular check ups from the 4 doctors.

We have to check in with the 4 doctors of health on a regular basis to maintain our balance and know when we are getting out of touch with an area of foundational health hopefully before things go wrong

#4 is Doctor Diet, Doctor Quiet, Doctor Movement and Doctor Happiness

They are simple to explain but harder to tune into with our busy 21st century lives.

The word “Doctor” comes directly from Latin and means “to teach”.

Doctor Happiness teaches you how to check in and know you are happy and find balance between the essential and non essential of life.

Doctor Quiet is the chief physician and teaches you how to go into that space where you can listen and receive the knowledge your body has for you as to how to heal and be healthy.

Doctor Diet shows you how to tell how nutrition is affecting you and how to gauge on a meal by meal basis what foods you should and shouldn’t be eating for optimal health and healing.

Doctor Movement is the teacher of putting things into action at the right time and using movement as a method of detoxification, growth and expression.

It is between these 4 doctors that we learn the essential foundations of being healthy and healing our bodies anywhere from migraines to cancer.

Without them our body will struggle to keep its energy levels, nutrition, detoxification, movement, emotions and thoughts on a clear and high enough level to get the health we need to live the lives we want.

But when we have these under control and we are still experiencing disease in our lives we have to look at supporting the underlying structures that may be too damaged to heal themselves and need support.

This is when homeopathy and using integrative functional medicine really shines.

It helps boost our body’s healing mechanisms in the right directions with the energy we have available.

It’s as simple as 1 – 2 – 3 – 4.

Are your migraines passed inherited?

What have you connected them to?

Top 5 Stress Relievers for Migraineurs

What is stress?

Stress is actually a good thing, created by our bodies to sustain our functioning under high tension events and experiences and help us survive them.

In the past that would’ve been hunting for prey, defending from a neighbouring tribe or running from predators.

This natural reaction we call “stress” takes us out of rest and digest mode and propels our hormones into fight or flight mode.

Adrenaline and cortisol are shot up to give us energy and mobilize our body’s resources to our limbs and brain.

And in doing so we shut off the support our digestion needs to function properly.

Our body does this because it chooses living through the day rather than extracting nutrients out of our food well.

But this is all natural and we’ve evolved to deal with these situations, shoot our stress hormones high, fix our problems and then have our stress hormones drop, our body rebound into rest and digest mode and healing and repair to take place.

Today, it’s not so simple.

We wake up to an alarm and a thousand “to-do’s” run through our head…

Even worse than that, we live in a low level of stress the whole day.

Whereas before we would hang out, prepare food and socialize, only to have an extreme period of stress here and there throughout the day(if that).

Today we find ourselves having to work every day and catch up on the weekend with everything we fell behind with.

So instead of us having a spike of stress and then properly rebounding into resting and digesting so that we can heal, instead we stress from dawn to dusk…

We rarely get enough sunlight to regulate our circadian rhythms that make sure our bodies are tuned with the environment and functioning harmoniously.

Everything we eat except for our dinner binge is “on-the-go” or “fast food” because we simply don’t make time for ourselves anymore…

We have to produce.

But our bodies are very adaptive and just the fact that we’ve made it this far is testament to that.

So we can stress all day…

We just have to make sure we find time to rest and digest even better than ever before.

Just a few minutes of a stress reducing activity can significantly drop our cortisol and bring much more blood flow to our digestion.

It’s important that if we’re finding ourselves on a high stress “go go go” day that we take even just a few minutes to break it up and throw away all that build up of stress.

So let’s talk about some good stress relievers to stop that tension that just builds and builds and builds until we eventually trigger a migraine.

Self Massage

This is important as it helps us tap into our own bodies and feel where all the stress is settling, whether it be neck, shoulders, low back etc.

It helps to stop here for a second and just tune into yourself. Feel where the tensions sitting and consciously take a moment to release it.

After that take your hands or a simple tool like a ball or rolling pin and massage the area out.

When doing this it’s important to breathe deeply and breath out all the tension being released and continue lowering our stress hormones.

An easy way to start is to make yourself a deal to just do 1 rotation and breath, everyone can do one.

If you’ve done it and feel like you can do some more, go for it, but start with 1 as 1 is better than none.

Depending on where you are finding tightness you may want to use a circular motion or clasping motion and also massage some of the areas connected to the main one.

Always make sure you take note of where the tension is and tender points so that you can bring it up with your holistic healthcare provider if the same area is continually tightening up.

This may point to a set of organs that are under stress and releasing their extra energy into muscles.

For more information on self massage ask your masseuse, CHEK practitioner or learn about reflexology.

Binaural Beats/Music

This is a new one with the advancement of technology and some people absolutely rave about their binaural beats.

The idea is that the brain is constantly changing it’s frequency depending on what’s going on:

– Deep sleep or deep trance (Delta; 1-4 Hz)

– Meditation (Theta; 4-8 Hz)

– Relaxed awareness or daydreaming, (Alpha; 8-12 Hz)

– A state of relaxed focus (Low-beta, or sensorimotor rhythm [SMR]; 12-15 Hz)

– Alert mental activity/concentration (Mid-beta; ~15-18 Hz)

– Anxiety (High-beta; >18 Hz)

– High-level information processing (Gamma; >30 Hz)

Binaural beats are when two different tones are used on a pair of headphones that your brain interprets as one new tone and can help you move into a state of relaxation or focus or energy or love or whatever it may be.

Even though no studies have found that binaural beats actually change the brain’s frequencies, studies have found binaural beats to slow down heart rate, relieve anxiety and improve quality of life.(1)(2)(3)

Other benefits touted by producers of binaural beats include increased focus, concentration, sleep, motivation, confidence, and depth in meditation.

Some good songs to try include:

– Migraine, Headache and Stress.

– Headache, Migraine, Pain and Anxiety Relief

– Headache Relief

There are many more binaural beats available on youtube and through apps.

Some well known stress relieving songs(not binaural) include:

Marconi Union – Weightless

Airstream – Electra

Relaxing Music for Stress Relief

For more information on binaural beats click here.

Do you know how to breath?

Statistically speaking, you probably don’t.

But that’s just the way we are raised, to worry more about geometry and our grades than our own connection with our bodies.

But breathing is so powerful… So, so powerful.

We can live for weeks without eating, and days without drinking but only minutes without breathing…

Our breathing rate is an amazing indicator of not only foods we are sensitive to but also how taxed our body is and if we are overdoing simple sugars.

But that’s a different story, today we’re talking about how deeply connected our breath is to our bodies stress response.

When we are stressed, we tighten up and breathe very shallow and quick.

So then the opposite is what we are simulating in the body so that our body knows its okay to relax and that we won’t die from not being acutely aware of everything we “need” to do.

We want deep, slow, long breaths.

Just a few of them can help turn that switch on and reroute our body’s resources into resting and digesting.

Our regular breathing should be around 8-12 seconds including inhaling and exhaling, when we are at rest.

So simply bringing our breathing down to 4-6 seconds in and 4-6 seconds out helps us reprogram our normal.

But for relaxation we want to do a 2:1 breathing pattern where our exhale is twice as long as our inhale.

Making sure we have deep diaphragmatic breaths and “breathe into our bellies.”

This  means our shoulders do not lift and our neck does not tighten.

So if you are breathing at a 4 second inhale you will breath out at a 8 second exhale.


Remember that setting a goal of 1 is good enough. If you can just do one you are already changing your brains focus and anybody can do 1.

If you’ve done 1 and feel like you can do more, go for it.

2-3 minutes of breathing is shown to completely change our body’s physiological focus and put us into rest and digest mode.

Do you even play?

As we grow up we can often get so caught up in our careers, images and taking care of our families that we forget we are still children inside.

No matter who you are or what you do, there is still a child inside of you and that child needs to play.

That child also need attention and support and to be acknowledged as a piece of this big complex puzzle that is a human.

We are still just children.

We just have more responsibilities and older bodies so we sometimes trick ourselves into thinking we are something other than a loving, caring, playful sack of skin, bones and emotion.

And the most essential ingredient in our ability to reduce stress and take us out of this state is our ability to play.

To play with our pets, to play with our loved ones or children and to play with ourselves, remembering to not take ourselves to seriously and get caught up in emotions that we don’t actually want to continue feeling.

So how do we play?

There are an infinite number of ways because play is one of the most essential ingredients in not only our evolution, but the evolution of all species on earth.

But to find play within ourselves we have to open up our hearts because play is a natural state.

And to open our hearts, we have to let go, break down and release our heart walls.

Our heart walls are all these things(images, ideas, beliefs) that we’ve created(or had to create) that wall off our hearts from being hurt.

These walls not only prevent our hearts from being hurt, but also from feeling fully and experiencing the beautiful emotions that life comes with.

So how do we let go of the walls we’ve built between us and our play?

Well, we have to stop taking ourselves so seriously…

Whether that be stopping, dropping and rolling, goofing off with our kids or just letting our pets lick our faces as much as they want.

It depends on you and what opens your heart.

It’s important to explore play as an essential tool in our stress killing toolkit and I invite you to comment and tell me what your “play” activity is.

For more information on play go outside and ease up a bit.


This is so awesome and studies are showing just how different the brains of those who take time to be grateful are compared to those who don’t.

Gratitude is an exceptional stress killer because when we are thankful for what we have, we aren’t worried about what we don’t or what we need to do.

Gratitude – the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

It can be hard remembering to be grateful for all the things we have when we are continually hit with mind wrenching migraines.

But we can either choose to keep feeling sorry for ourselves, or flip the switch on our bodies and be grateful, slowly and surely giving our body’s the resources to heal.

So how do we be grateful?

The simplest way is the state the things you’re grateful for. To do this I use an app called gratitude journal but its easy to just write it on a piece of paper.

You don’t have to make a huge list, just pick one thing you’re really grateful for each day.

Some other ways to be grateful include:

  • Don’t be picky: appreciate everything

  • Find gratitude in your challenges

  • Practice mindfulness

  • Keep a gratitude journal

  • Volunteer

  • Express yourself

  • Spend time with loved ones

  • Improve your happiness in other areas of your life

    For more information on gratitude click here(1)(2)

Remember, stressed out is not our natural and neutral state and it does us no good to stay in one as the longer we are in it, the worse our mental, emotional and physical capacity to actually deal with whatever experiences actually need stress to get us through them.

Stress has many signs, symptoms and underlying causes so it’s important to always consult your healthcare provider before making changes.

What’s your destressing routine?

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How To Choose A Healthcare Provider When You Have Migraines

We need to be listened to…

We need to be accepted and heard for the story within us…

We need to slowly keep on progressing towards health…

And we need to feel supported every step of the way.

It’s become so common that patients are not receiving the treatment they need and often not even being referred to the right health professionals so that specific issues can be addressed.(Like many of the underlying illnesses behind migraine)

But if I’m being straight with you, finding a specialist for your migraines to listen to you and give you the solution that only someone who listens can…

is like finding a needle in a haystack.

I went through so much pain(and money) until I was given the solutions my body needed.

What I didn’t know at the time, was what to look for in someone that could.

Here Are Four Methods That Never Help But Patients Often Get

1. Being told there is no cure or that something can’t be cured.

This is one of my biggest pet peeves. There is no reason you shouldn’t have hope and try new approaches to your health.

Time and time again I have seen the most severe cases “spontaneously” go into “remission” never to be heard of again.

It doesn’t help anyone involved thinking that you are forever sentenced to be sick and there is nothing you can do about it.

The body is always trying to heal itself, you just have to get out of the way. Watch out for practitioners that give you dead ends like these.

2. A magic pill or supplement

When you approach your health, make sure you approach it as a whole.

The human body and mind is a system of systems and they are all interconnected.

This means they are all talking to each other and taking stresses off and putting stresses on each other.

We see our migraines as the product on the end of a conveyor belt…

But often don’t realize all the pieces that went into creating our sensitivities and susceptibilities that lead to it.

This means that trying to add something on at the end of the line doesn’t fix any of the problems we got along the way.

3. Symptom treatment

Without symptoms, we would not know we are sick.

This means that having a symptom like head pain, vertigo, photophobia etc. is not our actual ill health but an expression of our body.

It is like looking through a kaleidoscope.

What we see is just a picture of our disease and not the actual root cause of it.

Our body uses these symptoms to warn us that something we are doing or something in the environment is causing us ill health.

When we focus on removing these symptoms we are actually trying to silence our body’s cries for help.

It’s like the engine light coming on in your car.

Getting rid of the symptom is like breaking the actual light as opposed to fixing what’s wrong.

4. Ignoring mental and emotional turmoil and trauma

Oftentimes we are encouraged to be tough and fight it out when we go through traumas.

When we don’t get the proper support we need to deal with them, they can linger in our bodies.

They can turn into unhealthy patterns of behaviour, neglect and obsession.

After months and years of acting this way they become unconscious to us and seem like regular behaviours or feelings.

But this is where we can develop serious chronic, autoimmune and terminal illnesses.

When we skip over the effects traumas have had on us, we fail to take a holistic approach and ignore the root causes of our ills.

Five Signs A Practitioner Will Give You Leaps And Bounds In Health

1. They use a totality of all the symptoms in your body

One of the most important and usually overlooked pieces to chronic migraine healing is getting an entire picture of all the ways your body is expressing its individual illness.

They see everything going on and make the connections between it all(read between the lines).

In functional medicine this helps show what systems of your body are overburdened and can use some support.

It also gives you a foundation in finding the root cause because the body will tend to work its way backwards through old symptoms when it begins healing.

This is one of the reasons why functional and holistic medicine is precise, holistic and attends to detail.

2. They activate and support the body’s own healing systems

The body is well equipped to deal with an amazing number of stressors like:

– Extremes of hot and cold

– Starvation

– Infections

– Injuries

– Oxidation

The systems that support us in these situations have evolved over many millions of years.

The overloaded and overburdened bodies we see today are a product of a complete change in our day to day living.

– Hundreds of millions of new chemicals never before seen by our bodies

– Low exercise levels

– Empty nutrition

– Parasite/fungal/bacterial infections

– Food intolerances

– Being overworked/traumatised

– Sick buildings

These have created a confusing and overwhelming environment for our bodies.

Trying to take away symptoms and add more harsh chemicals to an already chaotic mix creates more harm and never works.

When we want to properly heal we have to take away the stressors that tax our bodies first.

Stress comes in many forms including:

– Physical

– Mental

– Emotional

– Financial

– Electromagnetic

– Chemical

– Spiritual

Without using stress reduction, supportive diets, lifestyle changes , mental/emotional coaching, detoxification and supplemental support, using strong medicines is just a patch fix and gets nowhere with addressing the root causes or creating long term health(Often it does more damage than good).

 Using the body’s natural mechanisms to heal as opposed to going against them makes sure that we are supporting the body properly because at the end of the day, we aren’t the ones doing the healing anyway…

Our body does it all by itself and of its own accord.(and it’s always trying)

We can only support and guide it in the right direction and give ourselves the space we need to heal.

3. They understand what it’s like to be sick (and recover)

The biggest support I found from health practitioners that helped me was when they knew what it was like to crawl out of the tired painful hole of sickness.

They understood what I’d been through and how to give me the guidance I needed to move forward.

They knew there were several parts needed to get better like: lifestyle changes, nutrition, mental/emotional support, proper testing and supplementation.

This gave them the knowledge to answer what systems in my body were crashed, overactive, underactive or bogged down.

If a parasite infection needed to be addressed first, if past trauma needed releasing or inflammation was running rampant etc.

All of these things need to be understood first before chronic migraines and headaches will subside. And only the right person can identify those limiting factors, do the right testing and give you the right protocol.

Fortunes are lost and time disappears when you use the wrong medicines , use random tests and ignore the individuality of the person in front of you.

Don’t settle for less than consistently progressing toward healthwhen you choose a healthcare provider.

It can take lots of time to get out(because it took lots to get in) but there should always be a slow and steady increase in progress(even with hiccups).

Make sure to have a proper assessment by a migraine specialist and possible scans to rule out serious issues as well as lab testing for microbiome diversity, hormonal difficulties, adrenal fatigue and nutrient deficiencies when needed.

If you’d like to learn many of the pieces that the doc just simply doesn’t have time to talk with you about migraine relief, then the 10 steps to migraine health program is great for learning how to body can heal itself.

So jump over to this page and get more support or contact us here for a personal holistic assessment of your condition and learn what you need to heal.

6 Tips For Avoiding Weekend Headaches

1. Maintain Sleep Schedule

The migraine brain is one who hates change…

And for good reason.

When our brains are compromised, our body is full of inflammation, our hormones are shot and our immune system is not functioning properly…

Adapting to constantly changing circumstances is too much.

It’s basic bathtub theory.

The bathtub is already full of food intolerances, gut dysbiosis, inflammation and blood sugar handling issues.

Adding another strain like changing our circadian rhythms(our sleep/wake cycles) adds a extra bit of stress we just can’t handle.

The bathtub overflows and we trigger.

The problem with weekend headaches is that we have a regular sleep pattern all week(usually) then friday comes along and we go to sleep way passed our circadian set sleep time.

This makes us miss our physical repair time (10pm-2am) and we usually end up eating more poor food, spiking our stress hormones like cortisol late into the night and then end up sleeping in on saturday.

When we sleep in we go passed our programmed waking time and further upset our circadian rhythm which controls our entire body/nature balance and helps us regulate all our biological oscillators like heart rate, breathing rate, brain frequencies and peristalsis rate.

This is huge for trigger and does not give us more rest and repair like we think.

When the sun comes up, our cortisol goes up, whether we are sleeping or not.

But we get to decide if we are in tune with it or adding more stress to the tub.

2. Create more stress free time than just the weekend

We are all often to blame on this one, it’s part of our culture, but not a necessary evil.

We often add everything on during the week, doing the entire to do list in one giant spurt of stress.

But in doing this we ignore our body’s signals, miss meals, miss hydration, miss quiet time, miss any communication about bodily needs and often run our day right into the night.

Even if we fall asleep (which usually ends up being more like passing out) we usually take our to do list with us into sleep and our mind doesn’t actually fall asleep properly. This is one of the huge reasons for the over medicating of sleep meds.

So instead of taking our regular stress of a 9-5 job, we turn it into a 7am-10pm grind, 5 days a week, followed by a 2 day migraine attack and repeat.

Instead, break it all up, prioritize the most important to-do’s, create outlines and shortcuts, plan ahead, add some to do’s to the weekend and make sure you prioritize feeding yourself brain nutrients and “meditating” to break up all the fog and stress of the week.

It’s not a crime to take stress free breaks, often.

3. Eat the same foods at the same times

Our body has to prepare for food, this is why grazing often does not do well.

We go through what is called the cephalic phase of digestion.

Cephalic just means head.

The moment we start thinking of food, preparing food, cooking food, cutting food and eating food…

Our body starts to prepare its digestive juices.

Our mouth starts to salivate, our saliva is full of enzymes that break down food.

Our stomach starts to drop its pH and get extremely acidic so that it can kill any bacteria and break down food particles.

Our gallbladder starts to swell up with bile so that it can neutralize the stomach acid and dump a bunch of enzymes to further digest all our proteins, fats and carbohydrates and make them easily absorbable by our gut bacteria and intestinal villi(like a little carpet that soaks up nutrients into your body).

So when our body can plan for our meals, it digests, absorbs, assimilates and eliminates them way better.

If you go from texting on your phone in a drive thru, to eating while you watch a show…

There is no time or focus spent on the delicious flavours of the food and the cephalic phase is skipped.

Plus we don’t end up chewing our food and you know the rule:

“Drink your food and chew your water”

Because mastication is massively important in digestion and absorbing both food and drink.

But it’s also important to do them at the same time.

When we wake up, our body is primed for a meal.

It’s primed from the fast that is our sleep and it’s ready to break-fast.

But we often get many problems from eating late.

Our body’s are usually not to keen to it, even if we are used to it.

When we eat late, we usually eat cheaper, poorer and more convenience foods.

We end up spiking our blood sugar very close to bed and cause blood sugar issues while we sleep which destroys sleep quality.

And our digestion is weakest at night as it is preparing to run our detoxification and repair processes it needs at night.

Remember, our brain literally shrinks at night so that it can detoxify the days damage.

We need to support this process or we cannot have brain health.

Instead, listen to your body and find the times of day when it is ready and asking for meals…

Not your head but your stomach.

We can often confuse the two.

4. Spread out the list

Spread it out, slow, steady and consistent improvement is all we need to have all the health, wealth and happiness we want in life.

Don’t do it all during the week and end up crashing during the weekend(or you’ll trigger).

And don’t procrastinate in un-effective ways and leave it all for the weekend where you don’t actually end up getting relaxation time.(or you’ll trigger)

Just a little bit every day, and pepper it throughout, remember that everything in our life goes in cycles.

So we have cycles of high stress and lots of focus and we have cycles of low stress and relaxation, rest and digestion.

When we can learn to listen to these cycles, nurture each part of them so we can maximize both our focus and our rest, we can actually get far more done, with far less stress.

Smart stress and smart rest create brain health success.

5. Kill the stress before bed on friday

When in doubt, kill the stress before it can start a weekend headache.

Plan the weekend out, make a list of all your to-do’s so you can forget about them while you sleep.

Eat a super healthy and blood sugar stabilizing meal with healthy veggies and nutritious meats before bed so that you give your body logs not kindling to maintain the fire throughout the night.

Go into a specific de-stressing mode before bed.

Self massage or roll your body out with a ball or foam roller to release tension held in the body.

Take an epsom salt bath with essential oils to feed yourself muscles relaxing and brain healing magnesium.

Use a mindfulness meditation to bring objectivity to everything going on around you.

It’s important to remember we hold tension from our mental, emotional and physical areas in all of the mental, emotional and physical areas.

Often times emotional stress can end up in our shoulders , tighten our neck and trigger a headache. Or physical tension can create emotional upsets and put us over the edge triggering a headache.

When we can specifically take time to address mental, emotional and physical tension, we can prevent the bathtub from overflowing.

6. Avoid alcohol and replace weekend junk

With the onset of the weekend comes our rebellious side.

This comes from our childhood experiences where the weekend was a free for all and we could do whatever we wanted compared to the week where we were under a strict schedule.

It’s important to remember we carry our inner child within us until the day we die.

And this child gets rebellious if we don’t give him the attention he needs.

So depriving the child all week doesn’t do well if we want to avoid reaching for the alcohol or junk.

Our will power over our inner characters is only so strong.

Instead we need to learn to live in harmony and symbiosis with them.

Healthy alternatives and boundaries can help us satisfy all of our inner needs and prevent us from making poor late night decisions when our character is too weak to control all the unconscious behaviours with sheer will.

But this comes down to us and our knowledge on cooking and nutrition.

Keep it healthy and keep it simple.

When we have healthy tasty options ready and keep the unhealthy ones from being readily available, we can make huge progress in the inflammation that gives us pain free health or sets our brains on fire.

Want to know how food triggers affect migraines being triggered?

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