Chronic Migraine Prevention Tip #52 Circadian Rhythms

Our rhythms control our cycles!!!

We are made of rhythms!!!

Everything in our body has a rhythm it goes by.

From our heart rate, breath rate, rate of peristalsis(intestinal contractions), even things like our brain run on a frequency, our cells and nervous system work in waves etc.

One of the most important rhythms we have, that govern how the others function is our circadian rhythm.

Our circadian rhythm is our body’s natural 24 hour cycle that governs our sleep/wake hormones.

This cycle, just like our genes, has not changed much over the last 10,000 years from when we came out of the jungles and onto the plains of africa.

A very large part of our circadian rhythms is controlled by light entering through our eyes.

When the sun rises this light stimulates our bodies to produce cortisol which is a hormone that gives us energy and creates focus in moderate doses.

In excessive doses it can cause lots of damage to our bodies and inflammatory issues.

This is what happens when we are super stressed, our body thinks we are dying and need energy so it continues to secrete cortisol.

But that’s another story.

When we deal with circadian rhythms we realize that our body functions on a clock and at different times on that clock we go through different systems.

When the sun is setting, the amount of light goes down and cortisol with it.

This in turn causes melatonin which is our sleep hormone to start rising and preparing us to have a restful sleep.

If there are circumstances like lots of light in our rooms, excess stimulation, caffeine etc then we will prolong our cortisol and suppress melatonin.

This becomes crucial when we find that our physical repair is mostly done between the hours of 10pm-2am at night and if we miss those, we don’t get proper repair.

So doing things like making sure you wind down, keeping work stress out of your bedroom, killing blue light emitting devices like cell phones and not doing coffee after noon are big steps in regulating your cycles.

Making sure we can get adequate amounts of sunlight into our eyes in the morning is huge and tunes our hormones and bodies to function right.

Stress and sleep are some of the biggest factors in migraine creation and when we are over stressing we are under sleeping.

When we can’t repair we push our bodies limits and lower the threshold at which we will trigger a migraine.

But when we can get good quality wholesome sleep, our hormones are ready, our minds are primed and we can take on all that is required to put our dreams into action and make them reality.

How many hours of sleep do you need before you naturally wake up?

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