Ear Stapling for Migraines, Does it Work?

There are so many directly effective and clinically studied techniques, therapies, nutraceuticals and diets we can use to relieve our pains and heal our brains. But some like ear stapling are far more on the fringe side, often sought out by those who have gone the medication route and not found relief. In this article I will explain what ear stapling is, how it connects to regular migraine ear piercings like the tragus and daith and what you need to know.

What is ear stapling?

Ear stapling is a process by why you insert a small staple into acupuncture points of the ear for continued relief and stimulation of the reflex point.

Often with tragus and daith piercings the healing process may deter some people from use and they may only work while the ear is healing.

When you ear staple you are not actually going all the way through the cartilage and this may help maintain stimulation to the reflex point the auriculotherapy is working on.

Auriculotherapy – also known as ear acupuncture is a subset of acupuncture that uses treatments on the ear to affect the reflex points that connect the body together. In acupuncture, the ear is seen as a micro system that represents the macro system of our entire body and reflex points from our organs, glands and system run through the entire body including the ear. By applying techniques to the ear they are supporting the affected organ, gland or system.

See the picture below to get an idea of the ears microcosm.

ear stapling migraines

Is ear stapling for migraines different from a daith or tragus piercing for migraines?

With traditional daith and tragus piercings, the area that is pierced through is complete and forms a hold whereas in ear stapling it is not a complete whole.

This may be less painful, may heal easier and may provide more stimulation to the reflex points than simply a daith or tragus piercing.

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Need to know for ear stapling migraines

Just like the tragus and daith piercings, ear stapling for migraines is a long shot. We do not have any clinical studies to show that it is or is not any more than placebo. See my post above on tragus and daith ear piercings for migraines with reviews to get a better idea of the successes and failures of others who’ve tried them.

But, even if it is only placebo, the placebo that gets activated during intensive therapies like surgery, injection or piercings is much stronger than the placebo from taking a supplement. Even if it only relieves your pain for a few months or few years, it may be worth it for those who are still looking for the education to heal their brains.

We always want to make sure we are correcting the function of our bodies before we are adding extras on top, but we also have to make sure we can have the clarity and energy to do so and this may require some searching and guidance.

When in doubt, its a fairly simple and mild pain compared to some migraines so it may be worth a try.

See the ear stapling review video below:

The more we can educate ourselves about migraines the more likely we will find the linchpin(or linchpins) holding our brains back from fully healing and maintaining a pain free life.

If you need guidance then reach out to me for consulting so that I can show you what your brain is missing from your diet and lifestyle that can make it function optimally.

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