The Foundation Principles of Migraine Health

Worldwide there are approximately 22 500 000 migraine attacks every day.

Migraine attacks aren’t a Root Cause – they’re a symptom of something underlying.

Shifting Perspective

When we look through a kaleidoscope, we see many multiples of reflections of whatever we are looking at. But these pictures are not the actual object, just reflections.

This is how migraines work. Evolution didn’t spend millions of years just to end up crippling a seventh of the population.

The body uses whatever it can to tell you that somethings wrong. Be it a migraine, skin issues, depression or gas.

Its like putting your hand on a hot stove, if you didn’t have a pain reflex, you would hold it there until your hand was so badly hurt that it stopped functioning.

Without these warning signs we would have no way to gauge when we are doing something wrong. We have to be tough to get through the pain of migraines, but we have to be gentle with ourselves to learn what it is that’s hurting us, whether it be emotional pain, intolerant foods, poor environmental conditions, lack of nutrients or parasites.

Looking at the Root Cause

The problem is getting a proper assessment that is functional in our day to day life that gives us solid steps to take towards healing the root.

How do we do this ourselves?

It all begins with a log.

Keeping a proper daily exercise, diet, sleep and emotion log is un-waiveringly one of the most important steps you can take to getting to the root.

This benefits you twice because it not only gives you the ability to be the detective in your own life but if you ever end up lost without a paddle it allows a skilled holistic health practitioner to easily get a record of all of the events, triggers and upsets that have been happening in your life that are regularly lost to memory.

When you can begin to tune-in to your own feelings and functioning you can begin to take a step back and say “ hmmm I notice that when I work late two nights in a row, I skip my winding down at home.

This cuts the stress relief of being with my family which, in the first place, is the reason I am working so much.

Then this ends in burning the wick at both ends which cuts even more time out of work and family and leading me to a migraine on the fourth day.

The log is the first step, but creating a foundation of health is the second.

How to support the body

A foundation in health can be found through applying the 6 foundation principles and gauging where your individuality lies within them.

When this foundation is flowing like it should, our hormones and blood sugar are stable, energy and creativity is high, our digestion is repairing and lymphatics are removing congestion.

We come from a place of abundance instead of scarcity because we feel solid.

1. Thinking

There is nothing more important than having a system for where to guide your thinking. When we have a system we don’t have to rely on the random fancies of our thoughts to whatever whim they take.

It all begins with growing a dream and goals out of our desires and fears.

Something that makes us burn inside and want to create and heal, but also keeps the hungry wolves of our nightmares away.

This dream needs to have something concrete that it can leave behind and be known by so as to satisfy the greater functionings of our mind and soul. This legacy is forged out of the world we want to create for our family, friends and children and what you want them to know you by.

These dreams are fueled and rooted in our loves. Our loves feed the burning fire of our dreams and are made of the things we want to achieve them for. Whether it be for our own desire to become healthy and pain free, or to be able to give 110% to our careers, or to be there for our children when they grow up. The love is our day to day fuel that feeds us to be better.

When we are clear on our dream that we want to create, legacy we want to leave behind and the loves that fuel it, healing is easy and natural.

– Create a crystal clear picture with step by step instructions on how you will get to your dream

– Dedicate yourself to it, if you are getting migraines then maybe big macs are not the best way to get to your dream

– Commit to finding who and what you need to know to achieve it, find someone that’s done it and learn what they did

2. Breathing

Breathing is absolutely essential but rarely talked about. Nobody tells you that monitoring your breathing can tell you if your body is stressed or relaxed and how to bring down your cortisol and calm the body or prepare it to do battle with the day.

When we breath, we should be inhaling 2/3 into our abdomen and 1/3 into our chest. The breath should be about 6-10 seconds long in total.

The average person has a much quicker breath and this causes a stress response from the body. It can also be because of a stress response or a reaction to eating too much acidic sugary food.

If you find that you don’t breath into your abdomen you can practise laying on a flat surface with a water bottle on your stomach and purposefully raising and lowering the bottle as you breath in and out of your abdomen until your diaphragm is retrained.

If you find that you don’t breath into your chest you can try this:

  • Take a seat and make sure you are sitting up

  • Put your shoulders back and down

  • Inhale and hold your breath

  • Inhale more and hold it

  • Inhale again and hold it

  • Then inhale a fourth time and hold it for a few seconds to feel your chest and shoulders expanding. Don’t let your shoulders raise up.

  • This will help promote stretching of tight muscles around the top of the lungs that prevent expansion

These two simple techniques have solved chronic headaches that have lasted for decades in many patients once they learn how to do it right.

3. Drinking

Proper hydration can be difficult especially at the beginning of a healing journey. When we’ve been dehydrated for so long, our body will take any chance it can to start flushing out toxins that were previously unable to be dealt with because of a lack of resources.

At the end of the day, it’s water that gives us a majority of our energy because most people walk around with more than enough caloric energy.

If you drink much less than half your bodyweight(lbs) in ounces of water a day then you are at high risk of needing some hydration.

Hydrating and not just adding more toxins begins with finding a clean pure water source like a local artesian well or finding a reliable water filtration company.

If you are not sure how many minerals are present in your water, add a pinch of sea salt because the minerals are what suck water into our tissues.

Avoid plastic and tap water at all costs.

Remember, “the solution to pollution is dilution” because we are made of water and this is highly understated.

4. Eating

It can be quite simple to begin eating a healing self sustaining diet, but when we run into problems like migraines there can be many many factors that change what our diets need to consist of and this is why I recommend doing a rotation diet and food logging.

As migraineurs we can run into many problems with diet that we most likely aren’t even aware of because of our variety of symptoms and foods with dozens of ingredients.

Depending on the case, a patient may need to go anywhere from: ketogenic to paleo to antifungal to low amine and anywhere in between.

Doing allergy tests doesn’t help either because our bodies desires and intolerances can change from one day to the next based on its needs.

And being able to tell our triggers can be extremely hard when a food that we eat on day 1 does not end up triggering us until day 3.

Start off paleo, it’s really simple, wholesome, nutritious and eliminates many of the additives preservatives and chemicals we find in our day to day food supply causing us aggravation.

5. Moving

Moving is simple when we think of the primal patterns of movement, Walk(jog run), lunge, squat, twist, pull, push and bend.

These are the basis for all of our movements and it’s absolutely crucial we can perform these movements without pain or else an assessment should be done by a qualified practitioner like a CHEK practitioner.

Our body is made up of what we call fascia, fascia is like a web of tissue that interconnects our whole body and can be the reason why a problem in our foot, could be causing an imbalance in our head giving us pain.

If we start to notice a reduction in our ability to perform any of the primal pattern movements it’s imperative to roll it out, stretch it out and strengthen it or find a qualified practitioner to help you make sure its not causing your migraines.

Getting out in the sun and sweating when we can is a huge bonus to our immunity, lymph, digestion, emotions and hormones. This effectively strengthens our body as a whole, because it’s what we were designed to do.

6. Sleeping

Sleep needs to be deep, undisturbed, restful and refreshing.

Ideally we need to sleep between dusk and dawn as our repairing hormones are peaking for physical regeneration between 10pm-2am and our psychologicalhormones are primed for repair from 2am-6am.

Not all sleep is the same so make sure you optimize your sleeping environment.

No computers tvs or lights that stay blinking all night as they can cause a cortisol response. Try and block out all outside light and noise with good windows and blinds or try a sleeping mask and ear plugs.

Winding down is one of the most important aspects and I find journaling my thoughts of the day as well as writing a list of things I have to do the next day or few days really helps me let go of them and know that I can pick the thoughts right back up where I left them in the morning. On the paper not in your head.

Just as it takes about an hour for the sun to set, our bodies are adapted to take an hour of preparation for them to be able to drop our cortisol(energy/stress hormone) and flood us with melatonin(sleep/repair hormone).

Take the time to do something non-stimulating, no screens or “blue” lights which are lights usually given off by fluorescent, LED and TV screen lighting. A simple addition to your sleep arsenal is a pair of amber glasses that block the blue light from entering your eyes.

If you just can’t fall asleep, use magnesium before bed, it’s the missing mineral in our 21st century diets. An epsom salt bath, a magnesium supplement or a magnesium spray are great ways to add what’s known as the “relaxation mineral.”

Remember it’s absolutely crucial to cover the foundation principles of health before starting therapies that might just become palliatives and prevent you from actually “healing” and instead just “managing” your migraines.

It can be likened to having the engine light turn on in your car. Not covering the foundation principles and adding more things to stop the pain would be like going into the dashboard and breaking the engine light. In the end, the engine still has a problem that can be getting progressively worse, and now you aren’t even aware.

Homeopathy for Migraines

This is where the magic and wonder of homeopathy comes in. These little white pills are minute amounts of medicinal substances that create a remembering effect in the body. They are like jumper cables in that they amp up the immune system of the body to speed up restoring balance from the inside out.

Homeopathy in migraines are extremely helpful as they have no toxic side effects and prompt the body to begin healing the very core of what is causing the symptoms in the first place, whether it be sensitivities from a toxic liver, too many heavy metals, overburdened immunity, sluggish lymphatics an over run digestive system and more.

Some studies like this one have shown huge efficacy in using homeopathic medicine to permanently reduce the severity of migraines by prescribing homeopathic remedies that are targeted to the individual person and their set of symptoms and experiences and not just a migraine.

There Are Hundreds Of Homeopathic Remedies For Head Pain

Homeopathy has thousands of different remedies that can be applicable in a variety of cases but it all depends on how the “totality” of the symptoms of the person comes up.

For example if a migraineur finds barometric pressure differences to be an extremely important trigger, the homeopath may choose to include the rubric

(Generalities; weather; change of; agg.; barometer changes:)

Which has the remedies:

(achy cinnb gels MERC PHOS psor RHOD rhus-t tub)

But there are 9 different remedies that all have different pictures they present with.

In the end its all about looking at the whole person and finding a remedy that matches who that person is to the “picture” of the remedy.

Wonderful things can happen to migraines when homeopathy is used in conjunction with supporting the body.

And the body can only be supported properly as a whole, because that’s what it is.

This is why it is so important to find a great holistic health practitioner that looks at the root cause, and understands what it’s like to go through migraines so that they can guide you out.

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Mark Canadic

Mark Canadic

Holistic Health Practitioner

Mark Canadic is a writer, speaker, holistic health practitioner and migraine community leader. Read Mark’s inspiring comeback story, “My Burnout and Brain Fires that Lead me to the Root.” Feel free to send Mark a message here.

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