How To Choose A Healthcare Provider When You Have Migraines

We need to be listened to…

We need to be accepted and heard for the story within us…

We need to slowly keep on progressing towards health…

And we need to feel supported every step of the way.

It’s become so common that patients are not receiving the treatment they need and often not even being referred to the right health professionals so that specific issues can be addressed.(Like many of the underlying illnesses behind migraine)

But if I’m being straight with you, finding a specialist for your migraines to listen to you and give you the solution that only someone who listens can…

is like finding a needle in a haystack.

I went through so much pain(and money) until I was given the solutions my body needed.

What I didn’t know at the time, was what to look for in someone that could.

Here Are Four Methods That Never Help But Patients Often Get

1. Being told there is no cure or that something can’t be cured.

This is one of my biggest pet peeves. There is no reason you shouldn’t have hope and try new approaches to your health.

Time and time again I have seen the most severe cases “spontaneously” go into “remission” never to be heard of again.

It doesn’t help anyone involved thinking that you are forever sentenced to be sick and there is nothing you can do about it.

The body is always trying to heal itself, you just have to get out of the way. Watch out for practitioners that give you dead ends like these.

2. A magic pill or supplement

When you approach your health, make sure you approach it as a whole.

The human body and mind is a system of systems and they are all interconnected.

This means they are all talking to each other and taking stresses off and putting stresses on each other.

We see our migraines as the product on the end of a conveyor belt…

But often don’t realize all the pieces that went into creating our sensitivities and susceptibilities that lead to it.

This means that trying to add something on at the end of the line doesn’t fix any of the problems we got along the way.

3. Symptom treatment

Without symptoms, we would not know we are sick.

This means that having a symptom like head pain, vertigo, photophobia etc. is not our actual ill health but an expression of our body.

It is like looking through a kaleidoscope.

What we see is just a picture of our disease and not the actual root cause of it.

Our body uses these symptoms to warn us that something we are doing or something in the environment is causing us ill health.

When we focus on removing these symptoms we are actually trying to silence our body’s cries for help.

It’s like the engine light coming on in your car.

Getting rid of the symptom is like breaking the actual light as opposed to fixing what’s wrong.

4. Ignoring mental and emotional turmoil and trauma

Oftentimes we are encouraged to be tough and fight it out when we go through traumas.

When we don’t get the proper support we need to deal with them, they can linger in our bodies.

They can turn into unhealthy patterns of behaviour, neglect and obsession.

After months and years of acting this way they become unconscious to us and seem like regular behaviours or feelings.

But this is where we can develop serious chronic, autoimmune and terminal illnesses.

When we skip over the effects traumas have had on us, we fail to take a holistic approach and ignore the root causes of our ills.

Five Signs A Practitioner Will Give You Leaps And Bounds In Health

1. They use a totality of all the symptoms in your body

One of the most important and usually overlooked pieces to chronic migraine healing is getting an entire picture of all the ways your body is expressing its individual illness.

They see everything going on and make the connections between it all(read between the lines).

In functional medicine this helps show what systems of your body are overburdened and can use some support.

It also gives you a foundation in finding the root cause because the body will tend to work its way backwards through old symptoms when it begins healing.

This is one of the reasons why functional and holistic medicine is precise, holistic and attends to detail.

2. They activate and support the body’s own healing systems

The body is well equipped to deal with an amazing number of stressors like:

– Extremes of hot and cold

– Starvation

– Infections

– Injuries

– Oxidation

The systems that support us in these situations have evolved over many millions of years.

The overloaded and overburdened bodies we see today are a product of a complete change in our day to day living.

– Hundreds of millions of new chemicals never before seen by our bodies

– Low exercise levels

– Empty nutrition

– Parasite/fungal/bacterial infections

– Food intolerances

– Being overworked/traumatised

– Sick buildings

These have created a confusing and overwhelming environment for our bodies.

Trying to take away symptoms and add more harsh chemicals to an already chaotic mix creates more harm and never works.

When we want to properly heal we have to take away the stressors that tax our bodies first.

Stress comes in many forms including:

– Physical

– Mental

– Emotional

– Financial

– Electromagnetic

– Chemical

– Spiritual

Without using stress reduction, supportive diets, lifestyle changes , mental/emotional coaching, detoxification and supplemental support, using strong medicines is just a patch fix and gets nowhere with addressing the root causes or creating long term health(Often it does more damage than good).

 Using the body’s natural mechanisms to heal as opposed to going against them makes sure that we are supporting the body properly because at the end of the day, we aren’t the ones doing the healing anyway…

Our body does it all by itself and of its own accord.(and it’s always trying)

We can only support and guide it in the right direction and give ourselves the space we need to heal.

3. They understand what it’s like to be sick (and recover)

The biggest support I found from health practitioners that helped me was when they knew what it was like to crawl out of the tired painful hole of sickness.

They understood what I’d been through and how to give me the guidance I needed to move forward.

They knew there were several parts needed to get better like: lifestyle changes, nutrition, mental/emotional support, proper testing and supplementation.

This gave them the knowledge to answer what systems in my body were crashed, overactive, underactive or bogged down.

If a parasite infection needed to be addressed first, if past trauma needed releasing or inflammation was running rampant etc.

All of these things need to be understood first before chronic migraines and headaches will subside. And only the right person can identify those limiting factors, do the right testing and give you the right protocol.

Fortunes are lost and time disappears when you use the wrong medicines , use random tests and ignore the individuality of the person in front of you.

Don’t settle for less than consistently progressing toward healthwhen you choose a healthcare provider.

It can take lots of time to get out(because it took lots to get in) but there should always be a slow and steady increase in progress(even with hiccups).

Make sure to have a proper assessment by a migraine specialist and possible scans to rule out serious issues as well as lab testing for microbiome diversity, hormonal difficulties, adrenal fatigue and nutrient deficiencies when needed.

If you’d like to learn many of the pieces that the doc just simply doesn’t have time to talk with you about migraine relief, then the 10 steps to migraine health program is great for learning how to body can heal itself.

So jump over to this page and get more support or contact us here for a personal holistic assessment of your condition and learn what you need to heal.

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Mark Canadic

Mark Canadic

Holistic Health Practitioner

Mark Canadic is a writer, speaker, holistic health practitioner and migraine community leader. Read Mark’s inspiring comeback story, “My Burnout and Brain Fires that Lead me to the Root.” Feel free to send Mark a message here.

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