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Turmeric Curcumin For Migraines and Headaches

Turmeric has studies showing its effectiveness for:   - Ulcerative colitis(1) - Skin health(2) - Lupus(3) - Alzheimer's(4) - Metabolic syndrome(5) - Liver toxicity(6) - Depression(7) - Cardiovascular disease(8) - Low serotonin(9) - Chronic fatigue syndrome(10) - Post...

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#1 Best peppermint essential oil recipe for headaches

Essential oils are one of the most amazing man made creations from regular plants and herbs, especially for headaches. Thousands of migraine headache, cluster headache, tension headache and sinus headache sufferers swear by essential oils ability to give them relief...

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The Yin / Yang of Migraines

These are the two forces that lead everything in our life and provide the polarities of what we experience in our life. As much as chemicals and pills and supplements and diagnoses help us, they generally don't compare with reality anywhere near as well as using the...

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What Are The Most Common Triggers For Migraines?

Have you ever had your migraine triggers properly assessed? Studies show that up to 100% relief can be found through removal of triggers. That's HUGE! What is a trigger? A migraine trigger is a substance or circumstance that causes the onset of a migraine usually...

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Tracking migraines

How do we know if we are progressing, getting worse and digging ourselves deeper into the chronic illness hole OR healing ourselves and climbing up and out into the light of health and wellness? Well, tracking of course. Tracking is essential for not only yourself,...

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Rose tinted glasses for migraine

 Migraines made my eyes kill. Light was an absolute no when I had an attack and hiding in my room was the only option. I found the solution when I realized I had to do whatever I could to stop getting migraines and had to change my lifestyle and heal. Nowadays I don't...

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What is the common connection behind all migraines?

Is there a root cause that connects all migraines? We know migraines can be caused by some chinese food, or a weather change, or too much stress or lack of sleep or missing meals.  But a study came out in 2015 that says there could be a unifying principle that...

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Nitrates and Migraine Headaches

A study found that the mouths of migraineurs contain many more microbes with the ability to modify nitrates than non migraineurs. What are nitrates/nitrites and why should migraineurs care?  (Nitrates and nitrites are used interchangeably) Nitrates are a small but...

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Chronic Migraine Prevention Tips #43

As migraineurs we know there's something up with our food.   We can feel the added stress some meals put on our body, and have a list of the foods that are definites No's if we want to avoid an attack.   But finding the allergies and sensitivities we have can be quite...

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Chronic Migraine Prevention Tip #44

This is a really tough one. But it's also the most valuable step you can take.   Here it is.    What if it was to...   Take responsibility.    I used to be terribly sickly. Sick every few weeks to months. Chronic cough, looked anemic, migraines that would put me down...

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