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Getting to the root: What does a consult look like?

“It is the individual that has the disease, not the disease that has the individual, which is most important.” Hippocrates One of the oldest health quotes by the father of modern medicine himself, describing just how important it is to know all of the individual...

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Gardening And Mindfulness For Migraine: Is It Worth A Try?

Have you ever experienced vision changes like flashes of light and blind spots right before an intense headache? Wait, that's more than just a headache. That's probably a migraine. Migraines cause severe throbbing pain, usually at the side of the head and symptoms may...

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The Best IUD For Migraine Sufferers

I love dealing with clients who have hormonal issues like hormonal headaches and migraines because they are one of the straightforward types to correct. At the end of the day we need to think of hormones as just messengers because that is what they are. If our body is...

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migraine food triggers guide

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The headache that wont go away and what to do about it

Every once in a while you can end up with a headache and think no big deal, I'll just sleep it off... But then you wake up and it's still there. It just keeps growing and getting worse. Building and throbbing until you feel like you are going to break. It's really...

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53 Best Migraine Headache Memes of All Time

There's a lot of amazing (and few offensive) migraine headache memes. I've created some viral migraine memes of my own to give the community support and they've definitely been a hit. In this article i'm going to talk about the 53 best migraine and headache memes of...

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