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17 Greatest natural treatments for vestibular migraines

Vestibular migraines are one of the most incapacitating forms of migraines. Worldwide 1% of the population has vestibular migraines. But thank nature for our very “plastic” brains because with the right detective work, we can deal with the causes and prevent the...

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Can gluten cause migraines and headaches?

If I found out something could be causing my migraines, I would stop it right away. With just removing one or two sensitive foods, I've seen clients go from daily headaches between terrible migraine episodes, to only having monthly headaches... In this article, I will...

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5 Incredible tools for SUNCT headaches syndrome

Some headache conditions are extremely rare and painful. SUNCT is one of them. This syndrome can attack up to 200 times per day with pain frequently reported as a 9 out of 10. In this article, we will be talking about 5 Incredible tools for the SUNCT headaches...

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Turmeric Curcumin For Migraines and Headaches

Turmeric has studies showing its effectiveness for:   - Ulcerative colitis(1) - Skin health(2) - Lupus(3) - Alzheimer's(4) - Metabolic syndrome(5) - Liver toxicity(6) - Depression(7) - Cardiovascular disease(8) - Low serotonin(9) - Chronic fatigue syndrome(10) - Post...

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#1 Best peppermint essential oil recipe for headaches

Essential oils are one of the most amazing man made creations from regular plants and herbs, especially for headaches. Thousands of migraine headache, cluster headache, tension headache and sinus headache sufferers swear by essential oils ability to give them relief...

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3 Truths of frequent ocular aura migraines with images

An ocular migraine with a scintillating scotoma can be very scary. It's like a small puddle or smudge shows up in your vision and grows until it finally triggers a migraine. When we want to prevent our brain from triggering this series of symptoms we have to address...

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3 Urgent tools for migraine prodrome symptoms to use ASAP

The migraine prodrome is the absolute most important phase of a migraine, in terms of treatment. The earlier a migraine can be recognized the more likely we will be able to abort or lessen an attack. In this article we will be talking about 3 urgent tools that you...

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7 Crucial questions for waking up with tension headaches

Few things are more annoying than starting your day off with a tension headache. Especially if you think it's going to grow or become a migraine. I used to deal with migraines and tension headaches at all times of the day. But there was a common thread to the days it...

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