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3 Urgent tools for migraine prodrome symptoms to use ASAP

The migraine prodrome is the absolute most important phase of a migraine, in terms of treatment. The earlier a migraine can be recognized the more likely we will be able to abort or lessen an attack. In this article we will be talking about 3 urgent tools that you...

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7 Crucial questions for waking up with tension headaches

Few things are more annoying than starting your day off with a tension headache. Especially if you think it's going to grow or become a migraine. I used to deal with migraines and tension headaches at all times of the day. But there was a common thread to the days it...

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Does Labelling You Actually Help You?

No Finding a cause to why you're experiencing the symptoms you do does... But giving you a label just compartmentalizes you into a group of people that experience similar symptoms. It usually doesn't do anything for why we are sick. Modern day disease has so many...

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Can A Diet Solve Chronic Migraines? (Part 1)

The 1983 Study that completely eliminated migraines in 78/88 children using just diet... What about the 1979 study of migraineurs that suffered for 20 years and after doing an elimination diet 85% became completely headache free and 100% improved? And the 2007 food...

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The Histamine Migraine Connection

Mary is a 35 year old career minded mother of two. She likes to come home from work, take care of the kids and have a nice glass of wine to relax into the evening. She loves cheese and chocolate but has a feeling the headaches she's been getting lately could be...

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The Migraineur Food Pyramid

We all know there are healthy foods and not so healthy foods. And the science behind food is now well passed foods that are healthy or not, even if mainstream knowledge is still far behind. So why are we developing chronic illnesses like migraines(15%),...

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Top 5 Stress Relievers for Migraineurs

What is stress? Stress is actually a good thing, created by our bodies to sustain our functioning under high tension events and experiences and help us survive them. In the past that would've been hunting for prey, defending from a neighbouring tribe or running from...

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How To Choose A Healthcare Provider When You Have Migraines

We need to be listened to... We need to be accepted and heard for the story within us... We need to slowly keep on progressing towards health... And we need to feel supported every step of the way. It's become so common that patients are not receiving the treatment...

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