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1 Amazing barometric pressure migraines and headaches remedy

Barometric pressure headaches are a huge problem because they can be so unpredictable and strike at the worst times. The graph below shows major triggers leading to migraines among U.S. patients as of 2016: Changes in weather and barometric pressure are a huge problem...

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5 Profound clues for chronic paroxysmal hemicrania continua

We all get headaches. And some of us get migraines. But only a few of us experience a migraine type headache that never stops. This is hemicrania continua and because of its rare and continuous nature, it needs some attention. In this article we will be talking about...

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6 Tips For Avoiding Weekend Headaches

1. Maintain Sleep Schedule The migraine brain is one who hates change... And for good reason. When our brains are compromised, our body is full of inflammation, our hormones are shot and our immune system is not functioning properly... Adapting to constantly changing...

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The Foundation Principles of Migraine Health

Worldwide there are approximately 22 500 000 migraine attacks every day. Migraine attacks aren't a Root Cause – they’re a symptom of something underlying. Shifting Perspective When we look through a kaleidoscope, we see many multiples of reflections of whatever we are...

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7 Great Tips for Complex and Complicated Migraines

A complex migraine can be incredibly hard for you to treat and even worse when complicated with things like trauma, comorbidities and physical changes. It's usually the more difficult patients that come to me so I've dealt with many of these cases. It's always most...

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5 Special Tips For an Ice Pick Headache

Nobody wants to feel like an ice pick is being stuck in their head. Unfortunately, about 2% of the population goes through this pain. (1) Luckily they usually only last a few seconds to a few minutes max. I've been there. When I was super high in inflammation and on...

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Tragus and daith ear piercings for migraines with reviews

We want an easy way out of the migraine pain.  I suffered for years trying anything I could get my hands on to get relief.  After going through many health courses and learning what causes migraines and headaches I've been migraine free for 5 years now.  In this...

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1 Big tip for cervicogenic headaches

After I tamed my migraines the only thing that was left was these guys.   Cervicogenic headaches are a type of secondary headache that are caused by pain in the neck extending to pain in the head. Cervico = neck Genic = created Cervico-genic-headache = neck created...

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