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5 Remarkable Causes of Fortification Spectra Migraines

20-30% of all migraine sufferers experience the aural phase which can include a fortification spectra. Luckily, science has been advancing rapidly and we are starting to understand what is going on with our brains when this happens. In this article, I'm going to be...

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3 Massive Keys for Ophthalmoplegic Migraines

We can all agree that getting a migraine is bad enough. But when this migraine causes a type of paralysis of our eye, it can make everything that much worse... Luckily if we can understand how our brain is reacting to stress, we can take measures to prevent the build...

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Can gluten cause migraines and headaches?

If I found out something could be causing my migraines, I would stop it right away. With just removing one or two sensitive foods, I've seen clients go from daily headaches between terrible migraine episodes, to only having monthly headaches... In this article, I will...

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7 Essential skills for how to stop a migraine aura

We can all agree that migraines are no fun. But being able to tell when a migraine is coming gives us the upper hand in being able to prevent what's causing it and stop it in its tracks. In this article, I will be covering what a migraine aura is and 7 essential...

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Top 10 Natural Remedies For Migraines

Are there natural ways to prevent migraines from ever happening and even lessen them when they do? Definitely. Do they work on everyone all the time? Definitely not. Why? Because we are all individuals. Migraines are caused by a broad number of things. Here's just a...

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Chronic Migraine Prevention Tip #48 Parasites

Our bodies are very, VERY smart. But when the circumstances are right, when we have been sufficiently weakened by alcohol, sugar, loss of sleep, over exercising, travel etc. Then they strike. The problem is that these little critters will become a constant burden on...

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Chronic Migraine Prevention Tip #46 The Engine Light

We're definitely not a car.   But we are quite similar.   When the car's sensors go off it indicates there is a problem with the engine and the engine light comes on.   Very simple.    We see the engine light on and know that the car needs maintenance just like all...

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Chronic Migraine Prevention Tip #52 Circadian Rhythms

Our rhythms control our cycles!!! We are made of rhythms!!! Everything in our body has a rhythm it goes by. From our heart rate, breath rate, rate of peristalsis(intestinal contractions), even things like our brain run on a frequency, our cells and nervous system work...

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Chronic Migraine Prevention Tip #53 Pain Protects

 This was one of the hardest pieces of health for me to wrap my head around... I just couldn't admit that the pain I was experiencing was something I was doing wrong. It really wasn't clear to me, why would my body put me in pain on PURPOSE??? But then after some...

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Chronic Migraine Prevention Tip #54 Electrohygiene

We know that ionizing radiation like microwaves can cause damage and cancer but did you know that non ionizing radiation like the ones given off by cellphones and wifi routers have been linked to cancer as well? Technology has made our lives much easier but new...

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