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Magnesium glycinate for menstrual and vestibular migraines

Any natural, low side effect and safe approach to migraines is very welcomed. I have found countless migraine clients that are low in magnesium that with simple smart supplementation, they get amazing relief. It is even so pronounced that if they miss a day or two of...

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Melatonin For Cluster Headaches / Prevention / Dosage

We can all agree that a cluster headache is definitely not just a regular headache. Luckily, the etiology of a cluster headache is very similar to a migraine so by applying the same principles we can get amazing relief and healing. In this article, I will be talking...

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5 Remarkable Causes of Fortification Spectra Migraines

20-30% of all migraine sufferers experience the aural phase which can include a fortification spectra. Luckily, science has been advancing rapidly and we are starting to understand what is going on with our brains when this happens. In this article, I'm going to be...

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Chronic Migraine Prevention Tips #43

As migraineurs we know there's something up with our food.   We can feel the added stress some meals put on our body, and have a list of the foods that are definites No's if we want to avoid an attack.   But finding the allergies and sensitivities we have can be quite...

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Chronic Migraine Prevention Tip #44

This is a really tough one. But it's also the most valuable step you can take.   Here it is.    What if it was to...   Take responsibility.    I used to be terribly sickly. Sick every few weeks to months. Chronic cough, looked anemic, migraines that would put me down...

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Top 10 Natural Remedies For Migraines

Are there natural ways to prevent migraines from ever happening and even lessen them when they do? Definitely. Do they work on everyone all the time? Definitely not. Why? Because we are all individuals. Migraines are caused by a broad number of things. Here's just a...

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Chronic Migraine Prevention Tip #48 Parasites

Our bodies are very, VERY smart. But when the circumstances are right, when we have been sufficiently weakened by alcohol, sugar, loss of sleep, over exercising, travel etc. Then they strike. The problem is that these little critters will become a constant burden on...

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Chronic Migraine Prevention Tip #46 The Engine Light

We're definitely not a car.   But we are quite similar.   When the car's sensors go off it indicates there is a problem with the engine and the engine light comes on.   Very simple.    We see the engine light on and know that the car needs maintenance just like all...

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Chronic Migraine Prevention Tip #52 Circadian Rhythms

Our rhythms control our cycles!!! We are made of rhythms!!! Everything in our body has a rhythm it goes by. From our heart rate, breath rate, rate of peristalsis(intestinal contractions), even things like our brain run on a frequency, our cells and nervous system work...

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