The 10 Steps Program


This 10 steps in 10 weeks program is designed for Migraineurs that are confused about all the information present and want a simple step by step system to cover all the bases for creating foundational health so that body can do its job properly and reduce the oxidation and inflammation that’s known to contribute to migraines.

Each module will be sent to the email listed, 1 per week for the 10 weeks.

The price for all 10 modules is $47 and not $47 per module.



The 10 steps program is a 10 module program sent to you by email over 10 weeks to help you understand each area of health that impacts your brain and how headaches come about because of stressors in your lifestyle and environment. Each week is packed with actionable items you can apply right away to improve your resilience and tolerance to stress.

The FREE 5 Most Common Mistakes Of Hormonal Migraines E-Guide teaches you:

– Why hormones are the most important focus around why your migraines and headaches keep triggering

– How PMS is common but NOT normal and why it needs to be addressed to be pain free in the long term

– The 5 most common mistakes why hormones stay broken, why so many women become migraine free with pregnancy and why birth control is not a solution