Rose tinted glasses for migraine

 Migraines made my eyes kill.

Light was an absolute no when I had an attack and hiding in my room was the only option.

I found the solution when I realized I had to do whatever I could to stop getting migraines and had to change my lifestyle and heal.

Nowadays I don’t have to worry about avoiding the pain as much as I realize I need to connect to what’s stressing my body.

The light pollution we experience almost 24/7 now is disrupting our circadian rhythms.

Circadian rhythms keep our bodies in tune with all its different processes and regulate our sleep/wake cycles.

When I’m constantly exposed to light pollution from things like:

– fluorescent light

– cell phones

– laptops

– televisions

Even little lights like when you see a device is charging, it messes with sleep.

It will keep me awake much longer when I am trying to fall asleep and prevent me from getting into deep sleep much longer.

This kills my bodies natural repair cycle that it goes into when we fall into deep sleep.

For the migraineur this is a big no-no.

Many migraineurs are actually triggered by the excessive electromagnetic fields and constant light stimulation we have started to receive over the last ten years.

We are extremely sensitive and need to reduce all our electromagnetic fog exposure and increase our quality sleep time.

So keep them out of the bedroom and cut all screen time at least an hour or two before bed.

Try out a pair of rose-tinted glasses if you absolutely must get your screen time.

Use apps like twilight that turn down the blue light on phones.

Get laptop screen covers that don’t let blue light through.

There are many solutions, you just have to look.

We evolved to wind down with the sun’s light, and our bodies still react accordingly.

Do you find screens and lights affect your sleep or pain?

See our article on the foundation principles so that you can understand how to reduce environmental sensitivities by lowering your bodies trigger levels here.

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