As a migraine sufferer myself which came from my mom’s side, I’ve been through the pain, guilt and anguish that often comes with it. This has also allowed me to dive into the deeper root causes for high trigger levels, central sensitization, and the breakdown of systems that often leads to trigger. Read more about my comeback story and what inspired me to help migraine sufferers by clicking here.

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The 10 steps program is a step by step program designed to teach you what causes the break down of our body systems leading to migraines and teaches you simple actionable steps to take to reduce your trigger levels.

The Food Triggers guide clears up the massive hysteria and confusion around food triggers with migraines. It teaches you why they are happening and how to use a simple way of weeding out the bad but keeping the good foods while healing the root cause of food issues which is often the gut.

There are 5 factors that cover the areas that can be having a massive impact on your migraines and headaches that can keep them coming back even with medications… Click here to get this free guide.

There are 5 big mistakes that keep menstrual and hormonal migraines brewing. Hormones are one of the most confusing aspects of migraines if you’re not well educated on them and simply taking birth control is often a recipe for long term problems. This free guide teaches what you need to know and how to go about changing the mistakes that burn out your hormones.

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7 Obstacles Tying Your Thyroid And Migraine Headaches Symptoms
Hormonal Migraines

7 Obstacles Tying Your Thyroid And Migraine Headaches Symptoms

There are few stronger connections with migraines than thyroid issues. Both high and low patterns of thyroid are a massive stress on the body while also being caused by stress on the body. When we can support our thyroid in normal functioning we are much more apt to tolerate our environment so that our trigger

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Can Menstrual Migraines With Aura Be Prevented_
Hormonal Migraines

Can Menstrual Migraines With Aura Be Prevented?

One of the most common and regular triggers out there is the first day of a woman’s cycle, her period. Luckily these are largely caused by hormones which regulate themselves quite well when supported. In this article I will be answering the question, can menstrual migraines with aura be prevented? What is a menstrual migraine

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3 Turmeric Curcumin Recipes For Migraines And Headaches
Migraines and Food

3 Turmeric curcumin recipes for migraines and headaches

Food is one of the most essential pieces of our health program. When we can get food right, our body breathes a sigh of relief. But when we can use super-foods like turmeric the right way, we can get an edge in our healing journey that can support us every day, safely. Turmerics anti-inflammatory benefits

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migraine headaches from not eating and after eating
Migraines and Food

3 Amazing tips for migraine headaches from not eating and after eating

One of the largest and most common triggers are from food. Some studies even call some types of migraine a food allergy. I’ve seen clients go from daily headaches with migraine aggravations to only occasional headaches by only removing some foods. But the migraine brain also has metabolic issues and a tough time producing energy

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Can Gluten Cause migraines and headaches?
Migraines and Food

Can gluten cause migraines and headaches?

If I found out something could be causing my migraines, I would stop it right away. With just removing one or two sensitive foods, I’ve seen clients go from daily headaches between terrible migraine episodes, to only having monthly headaches… In this article, I will be covering the connection between wheat + other gluten-containing grains

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This is one of my favorite products for migraines and a start here wouldn’t be complete without giving you a simple way to start filling your nutritional holes. This product has some of the nutrients clinically shown to be lowest in migraine sufferers and many compounds found to be clinically effective in migraine relief.

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