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The 3 linchpin areas that destroy hormones and leave your brain in pain

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Mark Canadic was a migraineur who found out the hard way how few answers to his chronic pain and illness there really were. After turning around his health he helped others do the same so that they could create strong resilient bodies and brains free of pain. Now through Migraine Professional he is teaching a structure to go about healing your body by correcting the imbalances which create pain, fatigue and sensitivity.
Migraines and headaches

Mark Canadic

Holistic Health Practitioner

Mark Canadic is a writer, speaker, holistic health practitioner and migraine community leader. Read Mark’s inspiring comeback story, “My Burnout and Brain Fires that Lead me to the Root.” Feel free to send Mark a message here.

Join us on: September 21, 2020 at 6:00pm EST 3:00 pm PST

The same problems Mark had with overcoming his migraines and the solutions he found along his journey to recovery are the ones he will be sharing and teaching in this presentation. Mark Canadic is looking to mentor headache sufferers in a way that makes recovery and resilience a step by step system which addresses the root cause instead of only focusing on band-aid fixes.

During this class, you’ll learn:

– What is creating the combination of migraines, headaches and menstrual symptoms like PMS, cravings, fatigue, bloating, depression, anxiety and pain

– Why your hormones are the reason you still hav ones are the reason you still have pain and e pain and why standard blood testing keeps telling you everything is fine

– The 3 massive contributors to poor hormonal functioning leaving you without support

– Exactly what you are doing that is actually destroying your hormones and keeping them out of balance

– How I teach migraine and headache sufferers to get out of burnout

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1-on-1 Intake Consultation (120 Minutes) (CAD$)

1-on-1 Intake Consultation (120 Minutes) (CAD$)


The FREE 5 Most Common Mistakes Of Hormonal Migraines E-Guide teaches you:

– Why hormones are the most important focus around why your migraines and headaches keep triggering

– How PMS is common but NOT normal and why it needs to be addressed to be pain free in the long term

– The 5 most common mistakes why hormones stay broken, why so many women become migraine free with pregnancy and why birth control is not a solution