What is the common connection behind all migraines?

Is there a root cause that connects all migraines?

We know migraines can be caused by some chinese food, or a weather change, or too much stress or lack of sleep or missing meals.

But a study came out in 2015 that says there could be a unifying principle that connects all migraines.

What is that all encompassing source that causes the monster to get us even daily sometimes?

Oxidative stress.

It’s actually quite simple.

Our body has very strong measures in place so that oxidative stress doesn’t go off the hook and cause damage all around our bodies.

But when we continue to tax it, and don’t support the regeneration of its oxidative stress balancing systems, it wreaks havoc, and the brain responds.

What is oxidative stress?

Oxidative stress is when there is too much oxidation and our body has a hard time pulling together enough resources to balance it out.

Oxidation is when a molecule is in a reactive state(called free radical) and is looking for another electron so that it can go back into a balanced state.

This naturally happens in our bodies through breathing, digestion, cellular metabolism and more.

Our bodies response to a bunch of these reactive molecules(free radicals) that are looking for an electron to go back into balance is to send antioxidants.

Antioxidants are how our body balances oxidation. You may have heard of foods like blueberries being healthy because they have lots of antioxidants.

Basically our body uses these antioxidants to protect the reactive molecules from trying to take electrons from cells and instead take from the antioxidants which have many electrons to give.

How did we get to the point where we had too much oxidative stress?

Oxidative stress comes from many sources and is usually handled by our bodies as a normal everyday thing.

When it isn’t, damage occurs to our cells and inflammation is caused.

The problem is when we continue causing huge spikes in oxidation and stop doing the things that help our bodies deal with and repair from oxidative stress.

Some of the biggest causes of oxidative stress are:

– Emotional stress

– Eating foods that are empty and that we are            allergic/sensitive to

– Infections, parasites, fungal

– Hormonal imbalance

– Alcohol

– Dehydration

How do our bodies repair from oxidative stress?

(First click here to check out the article on the foundation principles to migraine health)

– Thinking properly and making sure you have enough “me” time and emotional support along with a strong dream and core values

– Breathing clean air with a healthy breathing pattern

– Drinking adequate amounts of clean fresh water

– Eating healthy organic whole foods according to your ancestral needs

– Sleeping in a quiet restful place for adequate amounts of time based on stresses

– Moving naturally and not creating bad patterns of movement

What do we give our bodies to be able to better deal with oxidative stress?


There is a measure called the ORAC(Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) score which can tell you how many antioxidants foods have.

Here is an explanation of ORAC as well as the highest known sources.

Here are some high antioxidant foods from dr. axe

  • Goji berries: 25,000 ORAC score

  • Wild blueberries: 14,000 ORAC score

  • Dark chocolate: 21,000 ORAC score

  • Pecans: 17,000 ORAC score

  • Artichoke: 9,400 ORAC score

  • Elderberries: 14,000 ORAC score

  • Kidney beans: 8,400 ORAC score

  • Cranberries: 9,500 ORAC score

  • Blackberries: 5,300 ORAC score

  • Cilantro: 5,100 ORAC score

Make sure to watch our video on the one common connection behind every migraine and what to do about it below

“Simple” right?

Just make sure you lower your creation of oxidative stress by doing and eating more natural things.

Optimize your lifestyle through the Foundation Principles of Migraine Health  so that your body can repair.

And take in more antioxidants which are found in fresh organic whole foods to balance out the oxidants.

If you’re having trouble getting a plan in place to do these three things OR if you are doing them but not getting the results you wanted with your migraine intensity and severity then let’s talk.

Setup a talk through this link and try out the trial Stop Your Migraine Trial Call

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Mark Canadic

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