There is generally more than one reaction that our body has to any drug that we put in it.

Most of the time its two reactions.

Each reaction creates a set of symptoms based on the person and the drug given and they are split into primary and secondary symptoms.

Primary symptoms are generally seen as the action the drug has on the organism.

Secondary symptoms are the symptoms that come after the primary response and are the bodies or organisms balancing act to equal out whatever damage or disturbance the drug had on the body.

We generally find that the stronger and harsher the primary response is, the stronger and harsher the secondary and re-equalizing effect will be.

This is important because we have to notice that with many things that we take, the body will compensate for it, then when we stop taking it, the body is almost at a lack of that substance.

For example many migraineurs know that opiates and barbiturates work very well for numbing the pain(primary) associated with migraine attacks.

But what’s even more known is that fact that we get those “rebound” headaches(secondary) when we stop taking the painkillers that can actually be even worse.

In homeopathic medicine, we are working with the bodies natural healing systems so it’s usually an activating of the nervous system and immune system(primary) followed by relief of symptoms(secondary) as the body returns to its natural balance.

Anything that you put into your body will have this effect but as to whether you “feel” it or not depends on what the drug was, how your body is and how connected you are to your body’s moment to moment processes.

The lesson here is that we need to treat our bodies gently.

They are very adaptable and incredibly amazing but trying to use extremely strong substances to “fix” ourselves just leads to a reverse reaction by the body.

Our bodies aren’t a single input single output system, they are very smart, and infinitely complex. With well over a trillion biochemical actions EVERY second, it’s really naive to try and outsmart them.

Instead, focus on strengthening and empowering the body and its functioning.

Try to support it because it knows how to heal itself much better then we do, learn to listen and get out of its way instead of adding more things it has to compensate for.

Eat, move and think like it was designed to and support its rest and repair cycles like it asks.

When your body is telling you to take a break, if you feel tired after meals, if you get a mid day slump, then learn to listen and realise a system in your body is draining energy and you need to listen to it.

Balance your meals better, make sure you’re eating in a non stressful environment, get fresh air and sun each day, these are the basics to the Foundation Principles to Migraine Health.

Do you notice any secondary symptoms with the migraine medications you take? Do you notice the secondary symptoms associated with any foods you eat?

Mark Canadic

Mark Canadic

Holistic Health Practitioner

Mark Canadic is a writer, speaker, holistic health practitioner and migraine community leader. Read Mark’s inspiring comeback story, “My Burnout and Brain Fires that Lead me to the Root.” Feel free to send Mark a message here.

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