These are the two forces that lead everything in our life and provide the polarities of what we experience in our life.

As much as chemicals and pills and supplements and diagnoses help us, they generally don’t compare with reality anywhere near as well as using the Yin yang principle.

So what is Yin/Yang exactly?

Ill explain them individually and then together.

Yin is described as feminine, anabolic, cooling, parasympathetic, nurturing, working in and going slower.

Yang is described as masculine, catabolic, warming, sympathetic, provoking, working out and going faster.

These two principles are constantly at work and present in our bodies and as migraineurs we can notice them ALL the time.

We generally find migraineurs as having too much yang because of food that winds us up and does not nourish us properly.

This means we need to take more time, slow down, learn to listen and nurture our bodies and take in more of the feminine principle.

This means we need to go into anabolism and stop breaking ourselves down. Cool down and switch over to the parasympathetic where we can repair and rejuvenate.

Instead of working out and winding up the yang we need to build our energy with working in exercises and slow and cool ourselves down. 

Where do you find yin/yang imbalanced in your life?

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